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An engineered timber floor is a multi-layered floor composed of a timber veneer or lamination surface layer sitting on a cheaper substrate of ply, pine or rubber wood. A solid timber floor is a traditional style hardwood floor which is a solid piece of wood all the way through. While laminate offers a more budget-friendly flooring option, a high quality engineered timber floor and a high quality laminate floor each come into their own in the right environment. The Milan range is an architecturally inspired European Oak engineered flooring that is particularly suited for large multi-residential developments.
As a guideline, boards should be no more than 18mm thick, with a wear layer/lamella of no more than 5mm thick. This will allow the heat to effectively penetrate the wood, giving the desired effect. Eco-friendly - Wood engineered wood floors is a natural and sustainable product that is 100% biodegradable. Our experience with Aspire floors at every stage has been a great experience. We are really happy with the look and durability of our engineered floors.
Engineered timber flooring can be thinner than a solid wood floor and, hence, cheaper. With exactly the same benefits and beauty, you can have the traditional look of timber floors in your Sydney property with all the benefits of modern engineering. Engineered timber flooring offers the look of solid flooring, with additional advantages of being more stable and at a reduced price! Engineered timber flooring is real timber – made with durable, high quality plywood and a strong hardwood veneer on the surface that can be sanded and polished as many times as a solid floor. Why Australian Oak differs from other engineered hardwood flooring is that it has a balanced construction from a hardwood ply. Engineered timber flooring allows you to get the beauty of a hardwood floor but at a high quality and affordable price.

The wear layer is similar in appearance to the oak floorings of the world – only its created with our uniquely Australian hardwood. It’s hard to find a solid timber floorboard that’s any wider than 100mm, purely because the wider and thicker the board is, the harder it is to keep it from expanding. With an engineered timber floor, you can create much wider planks exposing more of the wood’s natural textures. Wider boards will give your home an open plan look and makes it feel more spacious. Even after this rigorous process of treating the wood, you will still need to acclimatise the engineered floorboards to the environment where they will be laid.
These products have been cut in cost because they won’t be available on the market for much longer. The guys at Aspire worked with us to level the floor and achieve the best possible finish for our house. In the event of deep scratches, contact your floor specialist to find out what to do.

Cost-effective floating floors also have excellent sound and vibration absorption properties. Recognised the world over, wooden flooring is a good investment for both residential and commercial property, increasing the value of the space it occupies. Traditional, hard-wearing floors with beautiful patterns that bring style and class to your property with the luxurious beauty of real wood in a range of colour variations. We are proud to be in partnership with Lalegno, a Belgian flooring company who is one of the biggest brands in Europe, North America and other parts of the world such as Mexico, South Africa and Israel. Through this partnership we are able to bring you the most durable and desired oak floorboards that will last you a lifetime.
Thanks to quality construction and coatings, timber flooring provides a versatile and durable solution, bringing an effortless sense of style and simplicity to any décor. Clever Choice is a recognised market leader as a supplier of superior quality timber flooring. Transform your home with the most sustainable timber flooring Perth has to offer. Bring your family down to our showroom today and get a feel for our extensive range of timber flooring options. We set ourselves the goal to create the most consistently superior engineered hardwood flooring available.
These timber floors are highly durable and will last you a very long time. Beautiful floors - These flooring types have the same natural beautiful look of normal hardwood flooring because the top surface is made of exactly that - natural hardwood. Utilising high-quality and vibrant selections of timber, the Aspire Floors team markedly enhance the appeal and décor of your home through our range of precisely cut timber floorboards.

Despite the availability of a range of scratch-resistant finishes, engineered timber is still subject to scratching unless maintained properly. Regular cleaning is recommended to ensure that sand and grit are removed from the surfaces and not walked in. Engineered hardwood delivers the benefits of a real timber floor in a more convenient package. I had spent many hours searching for good quality laminate flooring at all of the big brands but found them to all have the same small range of stock at similar prices. I bought some laminate flooring from these guys, to install in to my rental unit.
Engineered timber flooring has really hit its stride within the market and is the perfect modern option for homes. From a sustainability perspective, it also allows less use of slow growing timbers, while still achieving the desired look and feel in your home. Habitat – Our Habitat collection offers premium European Oak timber flooring designed for a range of interior spaces. Including a diverse selection of colours from sandy-toned Beach House to rich and luscious Le Cru. It is recommended that when using underfloor heating with engineered hardwood flooring, a thinner floorboard profile is selected.

Yes, Australian Oak engineered flooring can be laid in front of large windows or over the top of in-slab heating . WOODCUT uses a sawn cut extraction method when extracting the veneer from the logs, which does not degrade the quality of the veneer, as opposed to a sliced cut veneer. In a sliced cut veneer, the timber is softened by boiling it, and peeling the veneers off using a slicer. As a result, we would never use this method because you have degraded the quality of the veneer by exposing it to boiling water. Slice cutting is a cost saving exercise as you are making the timber softer so you can peel it off. Aside from the walls, floors are one of the home’s largest blank canvases, and the type of flooring you choose can have a significant impact on the aesthetics and functionality of your new home.
Depending on the thickness of the lamella, the top hardwood layer, as a general rule, engineered timber flooring can only be resanded and refinished up to three times. However with resanding only recommended roughly every 10 years, engineered timber floorboards still have a very long lifespan. Despite being more stable than solid timber flooring, engineered timber is still subject to expansion and shrinkage due to changes in humidity. This must be factored in during installation in order to make sure the floor is properly laid. Engineered wood flooring is a system of wood flooring that uses engineered wood planks made from multiple thinner layers of plywood bonded together and covered with a thin top layer of hardwood. This gives an engineered timber floor the beautiful visual appeal of hardwood floors, but with better structural integrity and dimensional stability.

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