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Wailuku Bankruptcy Attorneys

Lloyd Poelman and Peter Horovitz are practicing bankruptcy attorneys and have offices located in the City of Wailuku, on the Island of Maui. If bankruptcy is appropriate for your situation, your lawyer will help you decide whether Chapter 7 bankruptcy (often used by individuals or small business owners), Chapter 13 bankruptcy (where debt repayment plans are established to help you get back on track), Chapter 11 (business reorganization) or some other form of Hawaii-specific bankruptcy process is best for you.
United States bankruptcy laws are intended to give debtors a new financial beginning by assisting them on a path towards debt relief, under Chapter 7; or giving them the opportunity - under the oversight of a bankruptcy trustee - to develop a payment plan under Chapter 13. Our Maui law firm has many years dealing with myriad cases and understands the Hawaii Court Systems very well.

He has a broad scope of legal knowledge to help people in areas of personal need, so if you're looking for the best bankruptcy lawyer Hawaii has available, look no further. There are many top-rated, highly-referred attorneys in your area who practice bankruptcy law.
Bankruptcy law is notoriously complex, and filing for bankruptcy is an intense process. We offer representation in the areas of Bankruptcy, Chapter 7, Chapter 13, Tax Resolutions, and Debt Settlement. The Aloha State will be receiving $53 million in new federal funding to bolster Covid-19 contract tracing and testing across the Islands, U.S. Sen.

Business entities can use Chapter 7 to have a bankruptcy trustee liquidate assets, enabling creditors to receive a pro rata share of any available proceeds. A good bankruptcy lawyer is a great resource whenever considering filing for Chapter 7 Unfortunately, many low-income Wailuku residents who need a fresh start cannot afford the $1,500 that it often costs to hire an attorney.
The role of the lawyer varies greatly across legal jurisdictions, and so it can be treated here in only the most general terms. We have, as a part of our team, one of the best bankruptcy attorneys in Hawaii, who are competent and able to provide effective legal consultancy services.

For example, you may have some questions with certain legal matters like business income reporting, or filing back taxes. Thus, it's necessary to work with an experienced Christian bankruptcy attorney for help with any legal concerns. The rest of the state may have to wait for hair and nail salon services, but businesses in Maui County will be able to welcome customers back next Monday with new safety guidelines.

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