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Tax Attorney Orlando FL

We provide comprehensive U.S. and international tax advice and tax planning to our clients. Estate Planning Attorney Orlando Fl Orlando real estate attorneys at Winderweedle Law provide professional legal services including real estate closings, estate planning, home inspection and more in the Winter Park Florida area and surrounding cities., Planning your estate and closing on real estate in Florida requires a Florida attorney who is familiar with Florida law.
Our lawyers have guided non-U.S.-based clients through matters that range from the establishment of U.S. subsidiaries and affiliated entities, distribution arrangements, U.S. real estate acquisitions (residential, commercial and investment uses), business acquisitions and joint ventures, and the restructuring of multinational groups.

They are also excited to look at opportunities to support local charitable organizations and be a caring corporate citizen for the community they work and live in. J. David Tax Law has won various awards in Florida for client care and the Orlando staff are enthusiastic to accept the challenge to continue J. David Tax Law's commitment to client care and winning cases for their tax clients.
If the IRS is demanding that you agree to a payment plan that is more than you can afford or that you make full payment of back taxes, you need to consider the potential downfalls of doing so. Many taxpayers will try to communicate with the IRS on their own to negotiate a monthly payment plan.

With thousands of hours dedicated to representing individuals charged with some type of fraud and having handled literally hundreds of fraud cases, our team of both criminal defense and civil fraud attorneys can provide the assistance, guidance and help you need when being accused of fraud.
So, unlike salesmen who just want your business, tax attorneys are legally obligated to provide professional representation, which should give you comfort that when you hire tax attorneys, like those at Orlando Pure Tax Resolution, your tax case will be handled promptly and effectively, and you'll be kept informed about our progress.
Further, we address your needs for a living will, power of attorney, healthcare proxy and other advance directives to make sure decisions regarding your financial and Cross-Border legal affairs and healthcare are made in line with your desires in the event you are incapacitated, even temporarily, and cannot make these decisions on your own.

If you have a question regarding a sales tax problem , foreign reporting , a disputed tax return, unfiled taxes , a payroll tax liability matter, Tax Evasion or any other tax concern, you need the services provided by a dedicated and experienced law firm.
I am the only attorney in Orlando with dual certification in both Business and Consumer Bankruptcy My firm also handles a variety of estate planning matters, including planning for the distribution of an individual's property at his or her death, preparation of wills and trusts, durable powers of attorney, and Medicaid planning.

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