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High-tech architecture, which is also known as the Late Modernism or Structural Expressionism, is one of an architectural style which emerged in the 1970s. The world's first electricity-powered subway system, replacing its steam-powered predecessor, inaugurated service in London on December 18, 1890, demonstrating its feasibility, but construction costs on this side of the Atlantic were predicted to be five times higher than those of comparable, above-ground elevated lines and subterranean tracks below Manhattan's ever-rising skyscrapers would likely have to face formidable natural and man-made obstructions.
Once you sit down on a bench in the City Hall park you are surrounded by buildings that made New York City history and don't forget your binoculars because there is a lot to seeThe Orlando Potter Building is a real beauty and has a lot of class, elegance and appeal, it's also surrounded by prestigious buildings like the row park building (1 block north) that was until 1903 the tallest building in the world.

His son, Washington Roebling, took over the project and completed it. At the time the bridge was built, it was customary for the engineer who designed a structure to take responsibility of managing the project which built it. The Roeblings were not only remarkable and forward thinking engineers (the design and many technical innovations were the father's ideas), they were remarkable, persevering, and effective project managers.
The building was the first commercial high-rise structure in New York City to employ fire protection that goes beyond the standard ratings for cellulosic fires The material used provides protection against extreme heat fires and blast pressure generated by major catastrophic events.

The next change originated with the project: it was determined that the original plan to use pilings as foundations for the twin towers of the bridge was not feasible, the foundations would need to rest on bedrock which was 78 feet below grade on the one side and 45 feet on the other.
Halfmoon, NY - Senator Daphne Jordan (R,C,I,Ref-Halfmoon) and members of the Senate Republican Conference today sent a letter to Governor Cuomo requesting that Empire State Development (ESD) consider residential and commercial construction an essential business and make this sector among the first industries to re-open in New York State as soon as feasible.
Designed by Charles T. Harvey, a Connecticut inventor, it employed a single, quarter-mile-long track supported by 30 columns that stretched Iron Works Westchester county NY from Day to Cortland Street and used a stationary steam engine, which propelled steel cables that in turn moved its cars.

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