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This flooring method is often referred to as an engineered timber floor. Choosing this method allows the home owner to put their new floor to use immediately. This heavy duty 3mm veneer of genuine hardwood provides the appearance and performance of a solid hardwood floor. The extra thickness of the top veneer means it can be sanded back to provide a new lease of life for the floor in years to come. Transform your home with the most sustainable timber flooring Perth has to offer.
If the above situation doesn’t appeal to you, prefinished timber flooring would be a good option. A prefinished timber floor is a floorboard which has been treated, coated and sealed in a factory and not during the installation process. Solid timber timber floors floorboards need to be acclimatised to their environment to avoid the expansion and contraction of the wood. Your pre-finished floor will be installed by Timberland's specialist flooring installers, ensuring a professional and high quality finish.

Nothing can beat the beauty ofengineered hardwood flooring, especially Australian hardwood species. Its strength, durability and stability make it outstanding to be the first choice for floor covering. It can be renewed 3-4 times and last decades, add so much value to your property. For the engineered hardwood flooring prices we offer at the standard of quality and durability we supply, getting hardwood with us is your best long term option. MFS Flooring Group is the leading provider of eco-friendly, stylish, cost-effective and durable European oak timber flooring. We guarantee that you will receive the highest quality of products and services throughout the whole process of selecting the perfect timber floor styles suitable to your needs.
Typically the timber is cut into strips usually machined with tongue and groove edges end-matched. We have a huge range of flooring in stock with over 200 packs available in our Moorebank warehouse. species include Blackbutt, Ironbark, Brushbox, Bluegum, Spotted Gum and Jarrah.

We top grade the surface area of all floors to showcase the most aesthetical parts of the log on your floor. Raw boards need not only time to settle but also time for the coatings to dry. Prefinished boards have already been sealed so you don’t have to wait for the coating to dry. Hardwood floorboards need as many as 6 weeks to acclimatise to the space. They are also sealed in your home, which requires a few days of drying before you can walk on them.
As a trusted provider of timber flooring in Sydney for almost 20 years, FloorVenue offers a broad range of solid timber flooring types and professional installation services. We also guarantee one of Sydney’s most competitive prices, so reach out for a no-obligation free quote. Solid timber floors have a smooth and durable finish, and brings the natural warmth of timber into your home. Timber floors also have the unique quality of becoming more beautiful over time – the wood gradually ages, changing tones and becoming more beautiful over time.
Another good option for hardwood flooring is pre-finished solid timer floor. The only difference is it has been finished coating by manufacturer. It’s perfect for home renovation, save you onsite sanding cost and waiting time, you can walk on straight away after installation. Good to your health, less dusty and harmful chemicals to your living environment. The beautiful and rich hardwood grains of our engineered timber flooring common in Sydney will never go out of fashion. You can add an impeccable style quotient to your home with our wide range of prefinished engineered oak flooring options from MFS Flooring.

Investing in solid hardwood flooring can help to retain heat and is a great insulator in the cold winter nights. We have a huge range of other hardwood flooring available in all grades, species and sizes. Boral Timber hardwood flooring brings the sophistication and warmth of real timber to a home in a range of unique Australian hardwood timber species. We are happy to advise you on the best suitable option for your construction or renovation project. Our team is skilled at working with all types of residential and commercial spaces at affordable rates.
Our staff will endeavour to help you not only on price but on service and ensuring that you know all the information you need before making your final flooring selection. All grades contain feature such as a gum veins and in some species some features are more prevalent than in others. If small amount of feature is desire then Select Grade should be chosen.

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