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Pharmacy Assistant Diploma Program

This program is approved as a vocational program under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005. After successful completion of the program, a Diploma certified from Windsor Career College will be granted. There are comprehensive projects, exercises and homework to guarantee that each student understands the given material.
Pharmacy Technicians perform many tasks including filling and final release of prescriptions, compounding medications and managing day-to-day pharmacy operations. To be the recognized leader in pharmacy technician education as reflected in the quality of our graduates. How Drugs Work will teach students how drugs work Pharma-Medical College to produce their effects. Students will explore the sites of action for antihistamines, bronchodilators, endocrine drugs, cardiovascular drugs, drugs affecting the central nervous system, and antibiotics and antibacterials. The general actions of drugs are also characterized according to potency and efficacy.

Pharmacy technician schools provide reliable ways to begin learning skills that are valued in pharmacies all over Canada. In under one year, you could have the abilities necessary to enter a field known for contributing to the comfort and vitality of others.
Choose a campus and industry that you are interested in to explore available program options. At Herzing College our students are our top priority, and every decision we make stems from that commitment. Very friendly staff, provide all information and are very eager and willing to help you in the process. I would definitely recommend Herzing to anyone interested in returning to school to further their education. He is a practising pharmacist, a small business owner, and an Angel investor.
An applicant is considered a mature applicant if they have not completed secondary school or other postsecondary school, and will be 19 or older as of the first day of classes. Humber will invite you for testing to demonstrate that you meet program eligibility. Applicants must meet all the requirements below in order to meet minimum program eligibility. Meeting minimum eligibility requirements does not guarantee an offer of admission. Admission decisions will be available via MyHumber, or by email and mail. Every attempt is made to ensure that information contained on this website is current and accurate.

CCAPP accreditation means that graduates of this program are eligible for direct admission into the Pharmacy Technician Qualifying Examination, which is a requirement to becoming a Registered Pharmacy Technician through the Nova Scotia College of Pharmacists. As such, all applicants to Centennial College must demonstrate an acceptable level of English language proficiency to be admitted to their program of choice.
It is strongly recommended that students have access to an Internet-enabled laptop/computer or similar device. The pre-requisite requirements must be fulfilled before the commencement of your first placement. Participation in placements will not be allowed if not all the pre-requisite requirements are met. Due to the variety of venues and possible changes in legislation, the requirements are subject to change. Please use the following link to find detailed information about your program’s placement pre-requisite requirements. Once you have been accepted, and have confirmed your offer, you may need to complete a further set of requirements related to your program (Post-Admission Requirements). Please enter your location or choose detect my location to see the requirements for your country below.
This full time diploma program was developed using the “Pharmacy Assistant Competency Profile” and the “Pharmacy Assistant Skill Set” documents published by the Ontario College of Pharmacists. Scans and copies chart, pharmacy orders and other information as required.

After students finish in-class training, students will have an opportunity to complete a minimum of 6 weeks of full-time placement in a clinical facility. Locations such as Costco Pharmacy, Shopper Drug Mart Pharmacy, Rx Pharmacy, and Target Pharmacy etc. Applicant must have Grade 12 level or a university degree or a science college diploma and demonstrated competency in English.
Each store has an Associate-Owner, so you will work for a local business owner while having the support of a national brand. Benefit from a purchase discount program, flexible and varied schedules, competitive pay and online learning through SDMU. Join a locally owned and operated store to help deliver health, beauty and convenience services in your community, and keep the customer at the centre of everything you do. The University of Waterloo acknowledges that much of our work takes place on the traditional territory of the Neutral, Anishinaabeg and Haudenosaunee peoples. Our main campus is situated on the Haldimand Tract, the land promised to the Six Nations that includes six miles on each side of the Grand River. Our active work toward reconciliation takes place across our campuses through research, learning, teaching, and community building, and is centralized within our Indigenous Initiatives Office. Monthly topics include how to choose a university program, what it's like to be a Waterloo student, and more.

reads a training brochure on youth-friendly services developed by PATH and Ixchen, a local NGO. Some states require completing an accredited educational program and passing a state exam. Pharmacy techs must have strong attention to detail, as the majority of their daily tasks involve measuring, dosing and dispensing prescription medication according to very specific orders. They must also have good written and verbal communication skills to communicate effectively with the pharmacists they work with, patients, and medical professionals or medical representatives they come into contact with. Some settings, such as retail drugstores and grocery store pharmacies, may be busier than others on a daily basis. Pharmacy technicians, therefore, must be able to handle different types of customers, work with great precision under pressure and keep everything organized behind the counter. This is a review of nonprescription drugs for common disorders and best practices for managing customer questions about self-treatment.
Students may be required to adjust personal work schedules and make alternative arrangements for transportation and parking, accommodation, and childcare. They will also be responsible for all costs associated with the assigned placement. MITT does not guarantee the student’s choice of placement site or a placement within close geographical proximity of their home. Create a high-impact learning environment defined by industry relevant curriculum and differentiated by a quality-centric culture. To activate your job alert, please check your email and click the confirmation button.
You will be considered for admission if you meet the published requirements. Also, please note that due to time and resource limitations, the Faculty cannot conduct formal reviews of academic qualifications until after an official application has been submitted. Applicants are required to carefully compare the courses completed with the published information to determine, to the best of their ability, whether or not the subjects align. If labs that complement courses are reported separately on your transcript, they are not included in the calculation of course load, but are included in the calculation of the cumulative average. For example, a student taking 10 half-credit (0.5) courses in the regular academic year, in addition to any required labs (at 0.25) , would have a course load of 5.0 full-credit equivalents (the 0.25 lab credits are not calculated into the FCE total). The cumulative average will normally also include the grades for internationally obtained university credits , taking into account the differences in various worldwide grading practices.

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