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New Jersey Bankruptcy Lawyer

So many people that I meet with and who file bankruptcy simple have no idea what bankruptcy is all about before they have met with me. Once they learn about all of the benefits, and there are so few negatives, they always say they wish they would have done this a lot sooner. The Law Offices of Patel, Soltis & Cardenas provide bankruptcy, foreclosure and loan modification representation to clients throughout the State of New Jersey and New York area with offices in Jersey City, Freehold, Hackensack, Manhattan, and Brooklyn.
If you are planning to start a new venture, a business lawyer with expertise and experience all of the fields affecting your business-such as labor or employment law, tax law, real estate law, banking and finance or intellectual property-would be your best bet.

In other words, if a chapter 13 Joint debtor spouse, who files individually, pays less than 100% to an unsecured creditor, the creditor can apply to Foreclosure attorney new jersey the court for permission to proceed against the non filing joint debtor spouse, for the balance that will not be paid through the trustee payments.
An additional credit counseling session is required after the trustee meeting, and creditors then have an additional period to object to the discharge of certain debts before the discharge is officially entered, which is two months after the trustee meeting.

The attorneys in the Creditors' Rights & Bankruptcy Practice Area provide guidance and counsel to business, institutional and individual clients in issues involving reorganization, receivership and insolvency, and resolving both their own financial affairs and difficulties as well as dealing with those of their clients and customers.
After selecting your attorney and provided all relevant financial information, the client will (a) take a credit counseling class; (b)review and sign the bankruptcy petition; (c)attend the 341 meeting which is usually 30 days after the filing of the petition (d) complete your second class (e) request a reaffirmation for any vehicles from your attorney or car dealer (f) receive your discharge in the mail.

Prior to making any decision to file for bankruptcy, we work with clients to consider alternative solutions of debt relief including debt negotiations, referrals to consumer credit counseling organizations or qualified mortgage brokers if refinance or reverse mortgages are appropriate considerations.

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