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Have you ever wondered if you could simply make beats on the computer without any fancy studio equipment? Wright: I've learned over the years how to refine my beats and make room for artists and simplify everything and just know what people are gonna like a little bit internet stuff you kind of have to pull back a little bit and make stuff that people are already comfortable with.
Picture-perfect as it sounds, there is one elephant-in-the-room issue with producers leasing music to artists for cheap: While BeatStars' transactions and licensing agreements are fully above-board, the site can't guarantee that the underlying beat always has its own copyrights sorted out — namely, in the case of a producer using samples of other music in a beat.

Listeners donвЂt care if Iggy AzaleaвЂs Fancy ripped DJ MustardвЂs sound, and they wonвЂt care next time a hot new artist totally emulates another artistвЂs style and reach #1. Desiigner, often criticised for sounding too much like Future, follows a surprising line of Type Rappers, unashamed of jumping on a trend and stealing every single code with style and success.
One recent high-profile example is Nicki Minaj's Baby Can I Hold You,” which featured an uncleared sample from Tracy Chapman that sparked a still-ongoing lawsuit Young Kio's sample of the Nine Inch Nails banjo bit was not cleared prior to it being uploaded to BeatStars — meaning it was played millions of times without the band's approval or attribution.

A lot of people that were putting up good content and what really drove people was the free download, cause for a long time we'd have free instrumentals available with the tags still on them and basically it'd be you can listen to his beat, but you don't own it or you don't have any type of rights to it.
If the mix is bad, the entire beat can sound cheap, cheesy, and cause fans not to take you seriously because of low quality production. Plus, you can add any type Nipsey hussle type beats of sound that adds to the piece and complements your other beats. All the labels are scouring BeatStars for their next producers, using it as a discovery tool.

If you're the type of person who hears beats in their head, then making beats may be easier than you anticipated. CLARA is a Pop-Soul Artist who rose to fame by winning talent competitions and simultaneously posting her music on Youtube. Rappers looking for beats similar to their idols could easily find them, no one seemed to mind that mimicry.

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