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How Much Does A Divorce Cost In North Carolina?

Our lawyers are open, honest, and always available. The Clinic has volunteer attorneys prepared to provide brief advice to clients in bankruptcy, contracts, civil, collection defense, criminal, employment, family, general consumer, immigration, landlord-tenant, personal injury, probate, real estate, SSI and workers' compensation law.
Since LFJ began accepting cases on July 1, 1993, it has joined 296 lawyers-from small, medium and large firms, sole practices, corporate legal departments and governmental entities-in its effort to improve the delivery of legal services to that segment of the population whose legal needs were not being adequately addressed by existing legal aid providers.

Following law school, Mr. Hutchinson spent five years as an associate attorney at the law firm of Oberdier & Oberdier, P.A. During that time, Mr. Hutchinson concentrated his practice in the areas of trial law, railroad litigation and personal injury litigation representing both individuals and Fortune 500 companies.
The program features: court-approved forms and instructions, a computer-based interactive form completion prompt system for some common forms; books and electronic resources for legal research; self-serve printing and copying, co-located at 4 Superior Court locations; lists of community-based providers who can help litigants with various aspects of court proceedings; workshops and other assistance on completion of forms; and some locations have additional co-located services, such as the IV-D agency and lawyer program.

In association with the Chicago-Kent Access to Justice Center, CCHAL is developing an interactive program on small claims assistance to be linked with CCHAL also matches homeowners with attorneys who can coach them, thus increasing the chance of success.
Most lawyers charge a flat fee or retainer to help with a divorce, but in general family law attorneys charge an average between $150-$250 per hour, though some might charge as much as $650 or more an hour to help clients through a complicated or difficult divorce, like one in which couples have their businesses or other more complex shared assets.
In determining what is equitable, the court must weigh a variety of factors, including, but not limited to: the respective incomes of the parties, any child support obligations from a previous marriage, the length of the marriage, the age and health of the respective parties, divorce lawyer the need of the spouse with custody of the child to occupy the marital residence, contributions of one spouse to help educate the other spouse, the tax consequences of property division, and acts of the spouse causing an increase or decrease in the value of marital property.

If you are stationed at Camp Lejeune and have questions about divorce or separation agreements, including questions about how child custody and visitation orders would work for military personnel on active duty overseas, our attorneys can answer your questions.
In addition to authorizing state court divorce judges to divide military pensions, the Uniformed Services Former Spouse Protection Act (USFSPA) also provides certain former military spouses with government benefits: medical care, exchange, and commissary privileges.

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