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Amazon Expedition is a tour agency located in Chachapoyas, Peru. Although we focus on offering the best experience for tourists in the Amazon, our mission includes protecting the Amazon rainforest by sound conservation management of the ACRCTT and assisting the indigenous community by providing quality education, healthcare and, job.
Later, we ascend to Acjanaco Pass (3,550 masl), considered to be an entrance to the Manu National Park, and then we get to the viewpoint Tres Cruces de Oro (3,700 masl) to observe a beautiful view of the Amazon Basin if the weather permits, From amazon tours peru there, we start descending to the edge of the Manu jungle, passing first an elfin forest and then a cloud forest where we can view a cock of the rock, hummingbirds, strikingly-colored quetzals, trogons, spotted flycatchers, and woolly monkeys.
Overall: Tambopata gets our pick as the best "all-round" jungle option in Peru, in general offering the best overall value in terms of ease of access, standards of accommodation, and opportunities to observe wildlife and experience the Peruvian Amazon Jungle.

If you are planning to fly directly into Iquitos from an international destination, you will transfer in Panama or Colombia and then fly into the Coronel FAP Francisco Secada Airport (IQT); if you are traveling from another part of Peru, there are daily flights from Lima, Tarapoto, and Pucallpa on LAN, Copa, and Star Peru Airlines.
How To Visit: Peru's Amazon region has so many quintessential moments: watching a family of giant river otters playfully frolic outside their den overlooking an oxbow lake; hiking through epiphyte-rich cloud forest, hummingbirds flitting from flower to flower, on the way to a little-known waterfall; making your way along a steamy jungle river, in the later afternoon, as the sun slowly sinks over the snow-covered Andes in the distance.

We'll arrive at the city of Puerto Maldonado, a very hot place where we will be welcomed at the airport and we will transfer to WASAI Maldonado Ecolodge, where we will receive our welcome with a delicious cocktail or tropical juice, as part of our amazon tour.
Embrace the chaos of Iquitos It is the largest city that even today can not be reached by road, the city of Iquitos is home to half a million people, legions of motorcycle taxis grunting (motorcycles, taxis, auto rickshaw), floating markets and some priceless examples of architecture rubber along one of the most famous rivers in the world, the Amazon river.
Peru is already full of World Heritage sites but it's time to recognize one more: The Amazon, our last frontier, the lungs of the planet, the world's pharmacy, is the most intriguing, astonishing, and impressive place on earth, yet it has never received the distinction it most deserves: Premier Wonder of the World.

Travel to the amazon and begin your amazon trip filled with adventure, with possibilities to find wild animals and the most attractive landscapes of Tambopata: The amazing macaw clay lick collpa” in the Bahuaja-Sonene National Park and the wonderful Sandoval lake in the Tambopata National Reserve.
Not far from Iquitos is the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve, a very distant and incredibly beautiful region that is one of the least visited parts of the Peruvian jungle; in the south is the newly created Zone Tambopata incorporating 600,000 hectares plus high Tambopata Candamo River and its tributaries, which contain some of the endangered rainforest animals and species of flora and exciting world fauna.

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