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Encre Noire Cologne For Men By Lalique

I think this is an oddity that to me is unwearable. I could be wrong and people could rock it but I find this kne displeasing on paper, on my skin and on people I pranked with it. It is dark and has an ink quality with vetiver but it also smells lifeless. I would imagine the grim reaper smelling like that. I purchased this fragrance during Fall of 2020 as a blind buy, upon reading and viewing online reviews of this magnificent scent. Cypress and vetiver done absolutely right.
In 1926, Rene Lalique began manufacturing satin-finished vases, bowls, and statuettes. Today, his fine tradition endures with themes ranging from classical forms to ultramodern designs. An emotive body, associating the mysterious notes of Bourbon Vetyver and Haiti Vetyver with the warm and enveloping notes of Wood from Cashmere and Musks. I purchased this eau de toilette based on the on line reviews. The product I received was as expected but I personally do not like this fragrance. Probably there is a reason why it is so inexpensive.

For most people vetiver is abstract so it’s always interesting to smell someone who has invested him or herself in the scent of vetiver. Chanel Bleu wearers looking for something less commercial may appreciate this scent, although men under twenty-five might find it too mature for their palette. Who would have thought such a dark fragrance could come from a glassmaker whos success relies on their ability to manipulate light? Lalique has over 100 years of experience in working with crystal glass and almost 20 years of fragrance history.
I especially like it on cold, rainy days here in Oregon. It reminds me of how my aunt that smoked a lot of cigarettes smelled when I was a child.

But that damned Iso E Super casts its spell of imperceptibility over the whole fragrance. I expected this to smell like being in a forest; instead it smells like being a mile downwind of the forest. Beautiful and just what I wanted in a vetiver fragrance.
I haven’t smelled any linden CO2 extracts I really liked, though, so the search still continues. it is the fragrance I always return to after my splish-splashes in the fragrant pool. My favorite part of the fragrance however is the mineral-inky carbon like note that doesn’t continue into the drydown for me but one can’t have all. I like Lorenzo Villoresi’s Vetiver because it’s so uncompromisingly raw, the opening hours are almost brutishly overwhelming. I like the Le Labo because it almost entirely lists base notes, yet it’s lighter than expected, managing to be wonderfully smooth. It’s creamy and smokey and earthy all at the same time. I like vetiver too although none listed are amongst my choices.
I label this as a spring scent because it is far from a beachy summer scent. If you're wondering, I have also tried the Sport version, which IMO smells very similar to IM L'eau D'issey. It's a more aquatic and citrusy take on the original.

I haven't tried the Eau de Parfum, and don't plan to, given that it runs $750. I got my 50 ml Eau de Toilette at parfum1 for $42, and am perfectly happy with it. All our fragrance are 100% Genuine Authentic Hand Decanted Samples. DecantX carefully creates each sample in a secured and temporized lab. Using the highest quality glass vials and equipping every bottle with a spray top . Encore Noire by Lalique is composed by the perfumer, nose Nathalie Lorson. The iconic black bottle of Encre Noire by Lalique was meticulously designed back in 2006.
Apart from that this stuff is something else. A must in your collection if you are interested in scents if you ask me. If Marcus Aurelius wore fragrance, it would be this one.

It definitely becomes a skin scent very quickly, again, maybe I'm just becoming nose blind way too fast, but I did expect better with all the talk read more this gets. This could be a great fragrance only if it was a bit more projecting. This is the best of the three to my nose so I only kept this one.
Lalique have made themselves a household name, and have placed a bookmark between the pages of history with their magnificent sculptural glass. In the late 1800s to the mid 1900's, they set the benchmark in creating exquisite and highly coveted perfume bottles. Its a little surprising then, that it was only in the early 90's that they began producing their own fragrances. Encre Noire is a scent for men, launched in 2006, that has remained at the pinnacle of their collection. Encre Noire A L’Extreme for men was launched in 2006 by Lalique as successor to the older Encre Noire. The masculine fragrance is noted for its intense masculine notes. Unlike the older Encre Noire, which boasted of sporty notes, Encre Noire A L’Extreme leans more towards the woody side.

As soon as you spray it, you can see the shiny oils that come out of that elegant black bottle. However, the opening has an extremely strong Vetiver note.
If you liked the original Encre Noire, this will be enjoyable for you, as it shares a lot of the same traits. It smells good, performs well, but never quite wows me. It would be an easy daily wear to grab and not have to think about.
Shoulders back and eyes forward, he walks from the ash into the light. Definitely a walk through a dark forrest on a rainy day scent with a clean base. It's a very good quality perfume, with just few notes consisted. To me it's really light, no projection, close to the skin, basically a skin scent. As plenty of reviewers stated already, the scent is very faint, even after I applied 5 sprays to different parts of my body. You do pickup the musky woodsy scent on the initial spray, but its hard to notice, well at least to my nose.

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