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Does Weight Loss Hypnosis Work?

Trying to lose weight has been a problem for generations. Even though some closed minded, quick to judge individuals would say that it is. However, I have found that when you look at this persons habits a week later, you will find them either not smoking or smoking far, far less than they were just one week prior.
Most importantly, a plan is prepared to ready the client for challenging moments so that they do not succumb to a moment of weakness and hypnotherapy can remedy their cravings or impulses in a much more positive and healthy way that will not compromise their weight loss efforts.

Each cycle of weight loss followed by exponentially increased weight gain can become progressively worse and the simple fact is that if it hasn't changed on its own by now, it's unlikely to in the future and it's time to do something about it. Our sessions are designed to use hypnotherapy to gently break the destructive cycle and instead allow you to clear the psychological issues you're facing in order to move on.
I think it's pretty difficult to prove, but being that a legitimate science exists on this subject (it's called psychoneuroimmunology), the scientific community seems to think enough of the mind-body connection to spend time, money and resources to formally investigate it. There are many exciting and plausible theories.

Guided Hypnosis — A guided hypnosis recording can help you get started quickly and learn hypnosis techniques at home or on the go. Essentially, these are recordings from certified hypnotherapists that walk you through induction and then provide positive suggestions via the recording.
If you go deep into hypnosis and you don't come out when instructed to do so, a gentle reminder from the hypnotherapist to your subconscious mind that you are paying for the time you spend in that comfortable chair will usually bring you right out of hypnosis without any problems.
Positive Changes, a network of behavior modification centers, uses hypnosis in combination with powerful personal coaching to help lose weight, stop smoking, manage pain, reduce stress, accelerate learning, and improve sports performance and much more.

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