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As we all know, there are loads of different approaches when designing the interior layout of your store. Astoundingly, Digital Signage Solution places no limit on online storage space as it offers unlimited storage space to store videos, animations, graphics, RSS and all kind of audio-visual elements in it. It is undoubtedly, a significant solution for those who choose to freshen up their signage content frequently.
SIS Digital is a leading expert in the design and manufacture of digital signage, and is responsible for almost 72% of the digital display screens roadside screens in the UK. We provide full turnkey solutions, including design, fabrication, installation and maintenance.

These ultra-slim portable single or double-sided LCD units are designed to be installed into premium areas including airports, shopping centres, department stores and sports screens can be used to display a variety of content including advertising campaigns, directional signage and interactive messages.
EXTRA WIDE GRAPHICS - Printers with wide format printing capability are able to offer mesh print, blue black paper and PVC banners for large scale long lasting outdoor applications including advertising billboards, construction hoardings and building wraps for on-site promotions.

The rising use of digital signage by small and medium-sized companies can be attributed to many factors, falling equipment costs - a 50% drop in the price of LCD displays over the last five years has made previously expensive solutions a realistic proposition for SMEs - increased awareness and a realisation of the competitive advantage that can be gained are all positive drivers.
The industry sector will vary how digital signage is used, but we normally see it being used to provide product information and promotions, advertise and third-party advertising, display information such as menus, the weather, the news, product pricing and lastly as a means of entertainment.
High quality NEC 46″ LCD screens were installed in the Banking Halls: the Media Wall situated behind the curved counter in the hall features NEC LCD screens, with options for the BBC News Channel via Freeview or up to date customer information and promotional videos via a Programmed DENON Pro-DVD Player.

If you're looking to modernise your environment, increase your revenue, or reduce your print costs and paper usage, then digital signage provides a perfect means to do this. The Android network media player also allows you to run your own software should you already have a CMS solution.
Digital Signage is at the forefront of a retail revolution to engage shoppers. Digital advertising screens are vibrant, engaging, eye-catching and represent one of the most effective ways to communicate promotional information to passersby and potential customers.

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