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Consumer Rights Litigation

Most businesses are operated by honest people, but there are also some unscrupulous people who prey on trusting consumers. She joined Legal Aid Chicago in 2018 after practicing public interest law for 10 years with the Family Defense Center, where she represented parents involved in the child welfare system through direct services during an investigation, representation in DCFS administrative proceedings and juvenile court proceedings, appellate advocacy, and affirmative class action and federal civil rights litigation.
Driven by the goal to provide effective and affordable representation to consumers throughout the nation who purchased defective products, were the victims of fraud or harassed by debt collectors, or who suffered personal injury, Adam J. Krohn and Gregory H. Moss founded Krohn & Moss, Ltd.

Defending these claims requires attorneys who have an intricate knowledge of the various laws as well as appreciation for the necessity of cost-effective litigation since coverage is generally limited for consumer fraud, warranty, odometer and other such claims.
Before the introduction of the Act, and its extension in 1994 to cover all domestic consumer goods, the only way you could make a claim against a supplier for selling you a defective product was to use the Sale of Goods Act, which did not provide the same level of protection for consumers.

The Law Offices of Michael M. Mulder brought a group of putative class actions under Illinois law that resulted in a victory for low-income homeowners in the Illinois Appellate Court in US Bank National Association v. Clark, 807 N.E.2d 1109 (1st Dist.
From 1994 until his departure from the office in 1996, John was the lead prosecutor in the public-corruption investigation commonly known as Operation Silver Shovel.”John has been an Adjunct Professor at Notre Dame Law School since 2002, and he clerked for the Honorable Ann C. Williams in federal district court in Chicago from 1986 to 1988.
Prior to enactment of the New York Lemon Law, the primary avenue for aggrieved New York automobile consumers was a Federal statute called the "Magnusson-Moss Warranty Act." Due to a widespread perception that Magnusson-Moss did not provide sufficient remedies for automobile consumers, the states, one at a time, started to promulgate their own automobile specific warranty enforcement acts.

From the Website: The attorneys who practice at Frederick & Berler LLC, believe pursuing dishonest and abusive creditors and businesses not only benefits consumers, but also honest businesses by ensuring the competition plays by the rules and that all consumers are treated fairly.
We also have extensive experience with federal credit laws designed to protect consumers. Ainat received her undergraduate degree from Tel-Aviv University and law degrees from Tel-Aviv University Consumer protection attorney Chicago and Chicago-Kent College of Law. The consumer protection attorneys at our firm are committed to holding companies accountable for their actions and ensuring that consumers' rights are upheld.

For information about some of the areas of consumer protection we discuss on this Web site, please visit our Overview of Your Consumer Rights page. Consumer law attorneys are expert in consumer protection laws and dealing with the Federal Trade Commission and other agencies established to protect the rights of consumers.

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