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Once homeowners fall behind on their payments by a few months, the bank will inevitably begin the process of filing foreclosure paperwork. In a secret annex to the US-Swiss agreement, UBS is required to disclose U.S. person accounts holding $1,000,000, or as low as $250,000 where there is evidence of "tax fraud or the like." For example, if the taxpayer established the account in the name of an offshore trust or corporation, UBS would be required to disclose the account.
Most attorneys caution very strongly against the signature of an MOU as it oftentimes leads to legal disputes as the parties who are not yet advised by an attorney do not realize that such a document will be binding upon them, and they may fail to insert certain critical language to it.

In one of his cases before the Illinois Supreme Court, Chicago Patrolmen's Association, et al, v. Illinois Department of Revenue, Michael served as lead counsel for the appellees, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and a 501(c)(5) fraternal organization, successfully arguing in favor of a precedent-setting partial tax exemption for a museum property located in Chicago.
Gould & Ratner has grown - from three attorneys handling general corporate work for the Crown Family to a multi-dimensional firm of nearly 50 lawyers representing Fortune 500 corporations, closely held businesses, financial institutions and entrepreneurs, as well as families and their businesses in real estate, corporate, tax, estate and succession planning, litigation, human resources and employment, intellectual property, environmental and several other related specialty fields.

That is why Chicago Tax Attorney IRS Tax Settlement” offers Chicago residents a free telephone consultation with an experienced Chicago tax lawyer, where we will answer all of your questions and advise you on what we can do for you to resolve your tax issues.
After the final corrected version of the probate order was given and the tax issues were settled, I was ready to complete the process of the registration of Danielle's rights in the apartment in Adams name under the provisions of the will and the transfer of rights from Adam to Sonya and her husband.
Since his years serving as a deputy member of the Cook County Board of Appeals (now the Cook County Board of Review), Michael Reynolds has practiced in the areas of real estate tax assessment and real estate tax exemption law Prior to being sworn to practice law, Mr. Reynolds served as a Court Clerk in the Municipal Division and the Law Division of the Circuit Court of Cook County, and as an Administrative Aide in the Office of the Chief Judge of Cook County.

Mr. Strouse has represented a variety of taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service on a wide variety of collection, examination, and appeal matters including listed transactions and other tax avoidance matters, foreign tax issues, "wealth squad" examinations, "Midco" and section 6901 transactions, valuation issues, domestic and foreign offshore voluntary disclosures including streamlined filings, FBAR issues, the trading safe harbor pursuant to Section 864(b), information reporting issues, penalty matters pursuant to Sections 6662 and 6707A, mediation proceedings pursuant to Rev.
Dr. Howard W. Melton, Of Counsel to Raila & Associates, P.C. brings a wealth of legal experience to Raila P.C. including as an entrepreneur and manager of consulting companies and Accountants award winning retail chains, and as counselor for small business, individuals and companies involved with IT, real estate ventures, financial services, healthcare and more.

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