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Remedial Massage Therapy uses a variety of classic massage strokes together with specific deep tissue techniques, working on the body’s soft tissues, muscles, tendons and fascia. We offer high-quality remedial massage from fully-qualified and trained therapists in our conveniently located Sydney City CBD premises, two minutes' walk from the QVB and Town Hall Station. If you are looking for a remedial massage therapist available in the centre of Sydney’s CBD; Quay Health has the practitioners for you. You can easily book an appointment by calling or Book Online.
If you happen to live or work within the Sydney CBD area, there’s no point in asking about the nearest foot massage near me, because Zen Day Spa offers one of the most relaxing foot massages you’ll ever experience. We combine some of Sydney’s best, masaage near me most experienced, hands-on physiotherapists with excellent massage therapists and use them in combination for best results. This means you will have 100% one-to-one attention from a great practitioner for the whole of your treatment session.

If the chi has been obstructed for a long time, some clients may need more than one session to regain their feelings of health and wellness. Sports Massage is specifically designed to cater for professional athletes, weekend warriors and office athletes . Our highly experienced Remedial therapists use a mixture of remedial, sports and deep tissue massage techniques to achieve your specific outcome. Massage can be one of the best ways to not only relax but heal your body naturally. Gillian Adams Salon and Spa has one of the most relaxing pools known to humankind.
Muscle Therapy Australia is your premium choice for remedial massage in Sydney. At MumSabai, it’s all about nailing the ambience which means not only are you in for maximum relaxation times with your body, you’re also in for them with your mind . We would be happy to provide you with more information about how our remedial therapy techniques can help you in achieving whole body health and wellness. We are specialists in remedial massage in the Sydney CBD, and are pleased to offer a full range of therapy options. Escape the bustling city just for a day with a Thai massage, one of the best treatments for lowering stress levels.
People are likely to spend more money and commit to expensive treatments to keep them in “alignment”, it’s nothing more than a dishonest marketing gimmick. Typically, a chiropractor in the CBD will cost up to $85 for a minute treatment, often requiring multiple visits a week and for extended periods of time. At Sydney Chiropractic & Massage you get a comprehensive 30 & 45 minute muscle & spine treatment for $85 & $115 respectively. Thai massage goes back 2,500 years and involves techniques drawn from India, China and Southeast Asia rolled into one, as well as yoga poses and acupressure points. If you're feeling a little run down, then a massage will help. Massages not only lower cortisol levels, but they have been proven to increase white blood cells, which helps fight disease.

With our busy lives, an hour at the spa is our much needed time off from all the stress. A space that we all need to get our lives together and face the future with more confidence and energy. The best foot massage in the Sydney City CBD area is what we all need after a day full of responsibilities.
Designed to stretch muscles and stimulate pressure points to open the body’s energy pathways, traditional Thai massage aims to promote healing and coax the body into a relaxed and re-energised state. Desk-bound Groupies with back, neck or shoulder pain find respite at the hands of Deejai’s skilled massage therapists, while active-types can seek assistance for pain associated with sports injuries and tendon strain. Deejai Thai Massage is conveniently located on Sussex Street in the CBD, and is open seven days.

Our hygienic and clean massage facilities will put your mind at ease and help you feel calm throughout your treatment. Myofascial release therapy is very effective technique using gently sustained pressure that assists in releasing muscular tension and pain and restoring mobility. It works on elimination pain around area of discomfort but is also effective throughout the whole body.
People who suffer from low chi may experience symptoms such as fatigue, extreme stress and anxiety, depression, and illness. Pregnant women especially love our relaxation massage services. We offer an easy 20-minute pregnancy massage or a deep-tissue 30-minute massage for stronger relief. Women who are experiencing back pain from their pregnancies, or foot pain and swelling find our relaxation massage to be rejuvenating and calming. Our relaxation massage is designed to relieve tension in the muscles and tendons from overuse, injury, work, or stress. We can target specific areas of the body where you may be experiencing pain or tightness, and we lightly and gently stretch out and knead your muscles to provide relief.

Remedial massages are given by our highly trained and well-qualified remedial massage therapists at our Sydney CBD locations. Remedial massages address the tendons, ligaments, and muscles in a systematic way that stimulates blood flow and increases mobility and flexibility in the joints. It will also restore muscle and bones back into their proper alignment to help keep nerves and connective tissue from becoming injured. Wayne Massage offers professional remedial massage services in the Sydney CBD area, in addition to a full menu of other options for treatment. We have two salons on Hunter Street, and one salon across from Town Hall on Druitt Street. With such convenient and central locations, Wayne Massage combines affordable prices, flexible payment options, and a wide variety of holistic healthcare modalities.

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