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Break Silence Of Quarantine

Self-isolating and quarantining during the coronavirus global pandemic is forcing us all to come up with some interesting ways to stay entertained Apparently, actress Rita Wilson is partially spending her time on lock-down spitting bars. Those unique conditions — the frightening reality of the COVID-19 pandemic — hangs over Club Quarantine.” During his sets, D-Nice reminds viewers to wash their hands and to stay at home; he pays tribute to healthcare workers who are fighting the virus on the front lines.
Producer iMarkkeyez made a trap-EDM remix that uses a clip of Cardi B yelling about her coronavirus anxieties and frustrations at government inaction on her Instagram Ever the queen of social media, Cardi posted about the track and in a day it climbed to No. 5 (and counting) on the iTunes hip-hop chart.

To be faithful to this "unique period in our recent history," Freni decided to include an eclectic mix of new releases from the past few weeks, songs by artists who canceled gigs in Milan to prevent contagion, songs about crisis, and "songs from the past" that "let the listeners both dance and meditate." Lastly, Freni added, she tried to put listeners in a good mood with a playlist that is equally joyful and melancholic.
Over the last week and a half, as the COVID-19 pandemic has sent billions around the world scrambling into quarantine, D-Nice, 49, has emerged as perhaps the hottest name in pop culture, a majordomo of a music universe that is reconstituting itself online in performances livestreamed on social media platforms.

When his recording career hit the skids, he found a new line of work in the music business as a photographer, doing shoots for magazines and album covers. Rita Wilson, the actress, singer and wife of Tom Hanks is currently under self-quarantine after contracting the coronavirus, to keep herself from going "stir crazy" she posted this video to Instagram.
While the World Health Organisation recommends singing ‘Happy Birthday' twice to time a 20-second hand wash, a number of songs have 20-second choruses that work just as well. This week, Spotify launched a playlist inspired by the parties, DJ D-Nice's Homeschool” D-Nice imitators have sprung up, including several DJs — Kid Capri, DJ Premiere, Questlove — with similar old-school hip-hop pedigrees.

The first time I heard the gospel in a way I could understand was at the end of a Christian hip-hop album. This series features some of my favourite rappers and hip hop artists and my love for their lyrics and music which is featured throughout the portrait themselves.
And after going viral on Instagram pages such as ImJustBait and endstv †which culturally commentate on the world according to young people †it's safe to that rap fans are getting his message. Nairobi County Senator Johnson Sakaja and his two sons on Saturday March 28 excited a lot of Kenyans on Twitter after posting their coronavirus rap song.
The Bronx native, whose real name is Derrick Jones, currently lives in Los Angeles and is, like all of the city's residents, under a safer at home” mandate calling for a weeks-long quarantine. And sometimes, when everything is terrible, we need to experience a little joy—which is why we've rounded up songs about the coronavirus that are actually catchy, hilarious, informative or all of the above.

As fans know, the coronavirus pandemic has drastically halted normal life around the world. Well, we finally have a reasonable explanation for Chet A stir crazy” Rita Wilson has posted a coronavirus update after several days of social media silence, teasing that we have to click on a video and see it to believe it.” Heeeeeeey.

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