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Best Wedding Photographer In Germany

Welcome to the Online Website for iKlick Wedding Photography. Our MASTER photographer Melanie is available Monday to Saturday from 2.00 pm to 8.00 pm. IMPORTANT: From May to September (during wedding season) appointments on Saturdays are extremely limited or not possible at all because our photographers will be busy photographing weddings.
Before your wedding, I'll also discuss your personal photography wants, including any specific shots. And even if the wedding cake falls down, I am ready do take the photo (not yet happened). Our MASTER photographers are available for a minimum of 1 hour in Berlin and a minimum of 4 hours outside of Berlin.

My Wedding Photography can be described as journalistic and natural. In turn, they inspire our MASTER photographers with their fresh new perspectives. Hochzeitsfotograf Since I started studying international photojournalism natural moments and honest storytelling became the cornerstones of my work.
I do not take wedding photos which remind me on lifestyle photography and fake glamor from the advertising. Being a wedding photographer is a true privilege and I am honored to play such a key role in one of the most important days of someone's life. On top of that, your photographer will call you about 2 days ahead of your wedding to discuss any questions you or they might have.

On the wedding day itself I try to be more in the background and catch special moments. If you have a particular style in mind or if you yourselves have a very good eye for photography you should choose a MASTER photographer. That's what I'm specialized in when I did my Bachelor of Arts in Photography at the University of Dortmund.
We did a full day love story shoot with Basil and Angela while they were in Sevilla and had such a great time. On your wedding day, we might have a minimum booking time. By spending time before every wedding location scouting, I ensure there are a number of appropriate settings to photograph you and your guests, regardless of the weather.
They are the kind of couple that every wedding photographer dreams of. They crazily love each other , they let themselves go completely, the get lost looking at each other, they know how to have fun, they love and respect your work, and trust in you even more than you in yourself, and I am sure if the day had finally been rainy, they would not have minded going out in the rain if I would had asked for it. Two true gems.

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