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Best Tax Attorney In Seattle, WA

Washington state tax lawyer Martin Silver has over 25 years of experience representing taxpayers having disputes with Washington State and federal taxing authorities and is recognized as one of Washington's premier taxation attorneys advocating on behalf of businesses and individuals before Washington's Department of Revenue and the IRS. Attorney, Wendy Pearson works diligently with her clients to achieve successful outcomes in audits and controversies against the Internal Revenue Service and Washington State Department of Revenue, and counsels clients in organizing their operations and transactions to optimize tax benefits and tax compliance.
Ms. Guzhva also represent taxpayers in a wide variety of tax disputes involving the IRS : federal tax audits, liens, levies, wage garnishments, tax penalty abatement, collections, installment agreements, offers in compromise, client's eligibility for currently not collectible status, innocent spouse tax debt relief and FBAR compliance.

Robert Chicoine advises clients in matters of state and federal taxation, be it planning to minimize tax disputes, effectively resolving administrative scrutiny by taxing authorities, or defending clients in litigation when tax controversies cannot be settled.
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Mr. Brown frequently counsels clients in major business transactions, handling sell-side tax issues such as tax elections and incentives, due diligence in connection with major acquisitive transactions, tax issues inherent in LLC recapitalizations and debt modifications, and serving as special tax counsel to provide additional tax guidance to buyers, sellers or executives.
He frequently works on behalf of clients with the National Office of the Internal Revenue Service to obtain a favorable private letter ruling, file an APA transfer pricing Cross-Border request, as well as file a request for treaty relief under the competent authority provisions of a bilateral tax treaty involving the United States and a foreign country.

This category of tax debt is often common for small to medium-sized businesses with individuals making significant earnings. Our capabilities cover the full range of state and local taxes, including income, gross receipts, sales and use, estate, employment and special excise taxes.

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