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Best Car Detailing?

The best car detailers have the skills and flair to ensure a polished finish, as well as the expertise to choose the products, tools and application techniques that best suit your vehicle. Let's make your vehicle look brand new with our powerful polishing and buffing services. From just $39.95 per month, you can wash your vehicle as often as you like at any Waves location and they’ll even give it a quick wipe and chamois each time you visit. The same equipment we use to get carpets cleaned and looking fresh gets car upholstery clean and spotless. Whether you have clothe or leather upholstery, we can clean it safely and effectively. We also clean up floor mats and the carpeting of your vehicle. It is important to keep your leather upholstery clean and well nourished.
It’s an Opti-Coat certified car detailer specialising in auto detailing, ceramic coating paint protection and paint protection films installation, also known as PPF. It’s true that quality car detailing will cost more than a trip to the drive-through car wash. A great detailer sets reasonable prices that work with your budget. Be car interior detailing aware, however, of car detailers promising unusually low prices, as this could indicate a lack of skill or experience. We clean carpets, rugs, upholstery, leather, tile and grout, apartments and offer end of lease cleaning services in Canberra, the Australian Captial Territory and Queanbeyan, along with all associated suburbs.

Canberra Carpet Cleaning provides car detailing in Canberra and surrounding suburbs in the ACT. Whatever you're situation is - getting your car ready for sale, an upcoming date, or just a maintenance cleaning - we are the premiere Canberra car detailing service. Our car detailing services are good priced to make sure you get the best value car detailing on the market, and we also guarantee you are 100% satisfied. Founded in August 1983, we are one of the longest serving car detailing companies in Australia. Our car care experts use only high-quality products and are committed to doing a great job because they are owner-operators. Trust a team that’ll treat your car as if its their own and book in for a service at a location that suits.
Don’t forget the wheels, which are likely to be dirtier than the rest due to their nearness to the road and a build-up of brake dust. A dedicated alloy wheel cleaner or similar may be necessary to shift the grime. Others view it as a welcome challenge and aim to make their car look as good as they can. Whichever category you’re in, doing the job properly will result in a better effect and be easier to do in the long-term. Plus, if your order comes to over $50, we’ll deliver it completely free of charge.
Call us today on to book in for car detailing or servicing or for any questions you may have. We all know that a well maintained vehicle commands a better price on resale. Once we polish the paintwork, and get rid of the hard-to-reach grime your car will attain a far better price compared to a less presentable vehicle.

Maintaining a vehicle in pristine condition takes an investment of time and money. Our professional detailers have the right product to suit your vehicle and your budget. From general detailing to comprehensive whole car refurbishment, we guarantee you are 100% satisfied with our job.
Are you after a reliable car detailing service in Canberra? Car Detailing Canberra is your #1 solution for all your car cleaning requirements. Our professional services will ensure your vehicle is cleaned to a very high standard & looking brand new again. We not only clean your car but ensure your car feels as though you have just driven out of the dealer. Your car detailer cleans your car’s exterior to remove as much dirt as possible from the body of the car, wheels, chassis, lights, and windows. The process varies between service providers but generally, they use specialist brushes and pressure washers to get rid of tougher muck. Then they dry your car and apply car care products that revive and repair your car’s paintwork.
Then apply a wax coat to prevent fading by protecting the paint from UV rays and contaminants. Polish and wax aren’t necessary every time but will keep the car in good condition if done properly. Work from the top downwards, a panel at a time, not forgetting the door sills and edges. Two buckets are best, with soapy water in one and the other containing clean water for rinsing the mitt or sponge to ensure you always wash with clean soapy water. A grit guard in each bucket causes dirt particles to sink to the bottom. For many people in Canberra, a car wash is a necessary chore that’s done as quickly as possible. In these cases, it’s not done very often or generally very well.

Check that your chosen car detailer has a sound knowledge of the products and tools they use, and understands which product to apply and when. Along with our regular car wash services, we can complete an interior and exterior engine wash with full vacuum as well. Cleaning cars is truly our passion here at Comprehensive Car Care Centre.
A spotless car is the envy of all, and shows the owners care. Not only that, but keeping your car looking and running well gives you peace of mind when you are out and about.

Cleaning refers to removing all foreign surface particles from exterior surfaces through the use of washing and claying. Low investment-high profit business with very low overheads. We have both the experience and the care factor to get your car looking new and protected against the elements. No matter where you are or what service you’re after, you can trust us with your vehicle. Modern car interiors utilise a vast array of fabrics, plastics, leathers and textiles to make your car look and feel great.
From luxury cars, to the trusty work ute, we have you covered. We use eco friendly products that wont damage the environment or your prized vehicle. Whether your car needs a standard wash and polish, scratch and scuff removal, or a concourse detailing service before it is displayed at a car show or presentation, Mach1’s experienced team is ready to help.
If you’re after personalised service, high quality workmanship and a genuine first-class experience, Canberra’s Mach1 Detailing Specialists could be the company for you. It’s a family-run business that is committed to ensuring your car looks its best. The more years they’ve been in the business, the better chance they’ve worked on cars like yours. An experienced car detailer should also be able to set realistic expectations, avoid rookie mistakes that risk damaging your car, and provide expert advice on how to maintain your vehicle.

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