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SignSite is a leader in conceptualising, designing, building and installing digital signage display systems. After 10 years in the signage industry, we felt that the latest technologies were not being evolved into the advanced and pioneering digital display products we had in mind, so we decided to create our own revolutionary digital signage company, known today as Empowered Vision.
Problem Statement: The client required a bespoke, low cost design that could be quickly and easily assembled onsite. Whether its for distributing outdoor digital signage information, entertainment or advertising - the right hardware coupled with the right software can make all the difference.

27 Many digital signage products include cameras and gather shopper demographic data by estimating the age, gender and economic status of passers-by and use this information to update signage as well as to provide back-end analytics and shopper profiles.
Digital Signage Solutions delivers high quality, eye-catching advertising solutions from a variety of mediums such as banner printing, feather and tear drop banners, pull up banners, neon signs, 3D lettering, exhibition displays, shop signs and more from Melbourne for delivery nation-wide.

Having successfully undertaken and commissioned numerous large scale projects, National roll outs and intelligent systems, SignSite Group has the expertise, the technology partners and the software capabilities to deliver solutions across the United States.
No software to configure or code just drag the content you want to use from your digital camera and drop them on to the storage device, then using any text editor produce a list of the images you want in the sequence that you want them to be displayed, then save the file with an xml extension and drop this too on to the storage card.
Technology is driving digital signage into new locations and this brings with it some potential problems, well not all companies can afford to invest thousands of pounds in dynamic signage, well the two options highlighted can provide the same end results with low investment of time and money, so now any business from car repair shops to dentists can have these in their customer waiting areas.

Voxson has the largest fleet of Full Colour (graphics, video & text) mobile LED Signs for hire in Australia. Once you set up your outdoor digital sign, you need to populate this sign with content Given the nature of outdoor digital signs, these screens are often hard to access.
LED trailer advertising screens are a perfect way to attract new business and upsell existing products or services. With these software platforms, users can change the content of their screens using a simple web interface on their laptop. We are a pioneer in the Digital Signage industry, and bring years of experience to help clients across a wide variety of industries.

We provide LED custom signs for start-up businesses and multi-national organisations alike. Our cloud software license covers: Digital Signage Player License, Cloud CMS Software (with Planned Updates) and File Storage. The task of selecting, installing and managing digital signage into a simple 7-step process.

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