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New York Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Our law firm was retained to fight the first known ticket of its kind - illegally driving while text messaging. If you've been ticketed for speeding , disobeying a traffic signal, texting while driving, or any other traffic violation, the consequences can be serious — potential fines, points on your driver's license, as well as the loss of your driving privileges.
When you face a Traffic Violation that may affect your freedom, family, or ability to financially support your loved ones, you need the best team of dedicated and diligent New York lawyers who understand the stress you are going through and who are ready to use their experience and expertise to advocate for you.

The statute continues on to delineate the minimum fine, maximum fine, and jail time for three violations that New York lumps together and penalizes in the same way: speeding on a restricted highway, speeding in a work zone, and speeding in a large and heavy vehicle with a radar detector.
Often, they're able to effectively dispute the police officer's personal opinion or evidence, argue that your driving was justified, or can represent you in court by presenting documentation and evidence that supports your claim the ticket was unjustified or unnecessary.

To illustrate, if you were driving 63 mph with music blasting in a 65 mph zone during a thick, heavy snowstorm that completely decreased road visibility, an officer could pull you over and cite you for traveling at a speed not reasonable and prudent VTL 1180(a).
Admitted to practice law in the State of New York and the United States District Courts for the Eastern and Southern Districts of New York, Jessica is a strategic and creative problem solver who is deeply committed to representing her clients with respect, compassion, and valor.
Except as provided in subdivision (g) of this section, whenever maximum speed limits, other than school speed limits, have been established with respect to any restricted highway as authorized in section sixteen hundred twenty-five, no person shall drive in excess of such maximum speed limits at any time.

Use the contact form on the profiles to connect with a Manhattan, New York attorney for legal advice. It is our understanding that New York NYC Traffic Ticket Lawyer State reports moving violations to the "Drivers License Compact", and that this can affect insurance rates for out-of-state drivers.
Fortunately, an NYC traffic ticket lawyer might be able to get you out of this situation. Our attorneys understand the nuances of the law, know the court process, and can assist our clients with navigating the court system and the DMV. Rest assured, neither of those ideas will play well in Dutchess County traffic courts.

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