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Los Angeles Bankruptcy Attorney

A judgment creditor with a final money judgment can create a judicial lien on any real property owned by the judgment debtor by recording the abstract of judgment issued by the court with the county recorder where the property is located. As a form of consumer reorganization, a Chapter 13 petition is available only to individuals with less than $336,900.00 of noncontingent, liquidated, unsecured debts, and less than $1,010,650.00 of noncontingent, liquidated, secured debts, pursuant to 11 USC §109(e), as adjusted every three (3) years according to the Consumer Price Index.
If you genuinely cannot afford to pay the Chapter 7 filing fee, you can also apply for a fee waiver Both applications require you to submit the form(s) at the time your bankruptcy petition is filed to obtain a hearing date and the name of the judge who will rule on the application.

Bankruptcy is always a last resort option, but when you're in a situation where bankruptcy makes sense, you will be very glad you are legally able to go through this process and get your financial life back in order again at the other end, rather than being sunk in debt for years, decades, or even the rest of your life.
Caceres & Shamash LLP's focus is primarily in representing debtors, creditors, trustees, and other parties in interest in Chapter 7, Chapter 11, and Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases, bankruptcy-related matters, out-of-court debt workouts and restructuring.
Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen A. Trutanich, through a Deputy City Attorney, files a Misdemeanor Complaint of four counts for each of the four remaining violations, to wit: Count 1 for violation of Sections 93.0314 and 93.0201 of the Los Angeles Municipal Code (LAMC) for wiring and installing a meter at the exterior of the building without permits; Count 2 for violation of the aforesaid sections of the LAMC for installing wiring in the basement without permits; Count 3 for violation of Section 94.500 of the LAMC for installing a water heater without first obtaining a permit; and Count 4 for violation of Section 91.805 of the LAMC for failure to discontinue use of porch enclosure and roof extension construction without permits.

Chapter 11 is primarily for businesses and allows you to prevent foreclosure of valuable real estate property long enough to either sell or develop the property, protect you from creditors and tax levies, reduce monthly operating expenses, restructure debt to a more manageable level and end creditor collection calls.
We serve the following localities: Los Angeles County including Bell Gardens, Beverly Hills, Burbank, Carson, Compton, Culver City, East Los Angeles, El Segundo, Encino, Gardena, Hawthorne, Huntington Park, Lawndale, Los Angeles, Marina del Rey, Playa del Rey, Reseda, San Fernando, Santa Monica, Studio City, Tarzana, Van Nuys, Venice, and Woodland Hills.
Apparently, there is a growing feeling among the bankruptcy lawyers and the swelling army of unemployed Americans who inquire about Los Angeles Bankruptcy Lawyer the bankruptcy process, that only largely by having bankruptcy without a lawyer, could a debtor file cheap chapter 7 bankruptcy.

If your disposable income as calculated by the Means Test is too high, you may want to consult an attorney to find out why you are failing the California bankruptcy Means Test when in reality you don't have any money left after paying all of your expenses.

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