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How Working With A Personal Trainer Can Transform Your Body

A 26 year veteran of the health and fitness industry with over 15,000 client hours, I have degrees in Physical Education and Education, am certified with the National Strength and Conditioning Association, am a certified Stott Pilates instructor and most recently received a certification with the Functional Ageing Institute. All of our trainers have a wide range of mobile equipment that they will bring with them, to make your workouts fun, variable and challenging, including fitballs, boxing mitts and pads, dynabands, medicine balls, handweights, skip ropes and much 'll be surprised how many calories you'll burn by throwing a few punches with some boxing gloves on. You also don't have to worry about travelling anywhere or what time you'll be home, and afterwards you can just jump in the shower, and it's done.
Instead, if you decide you would like to address your diet, you will be assigned one of our expert trainers who will assess and evaluate your current eating habits and will coach you through making small modifications over time to help you achieve your goals, whether you're working towards fat loss, muscle gain, increased strength or greater performance.

This covers every aspect of your time with us, from initial assessments and programme setting, personal training, regular monitoring and re-assessment, comprehensive nutritional support and on-site sports therapy and rehab - we focus on everything and leave nothing to chance.
Our Personal Training courses have been designed by industry experts to ensure our graduates have all the necessary skills and confidence to run their own Personal Training classes in London. The trainers are friendly and know what they're talking about. In my one to one sessions I enjoy meshing together pilates foundations and mind-body connections with traditional weight training techniques to give my clients the most effective, safe and mindful movement sessions.

The shared personal training sessions offer great value for money and the quality of sessions are by no means compromised. Embody Fitness provides an Olympic-standard luxury personal training facility in the heart of the City of London. Book your free Health MOT today with one of our wellbeing personal trainers.
The expertise and equipment available at the Fitting Rooms has meant that I have achieved a level of strength and flexibility I would not have imagined possible. Meanwhile, if Boutique fitness isn't your thing then our fully equipped Gym has the latest equipment as well as a full range of over 30 classes per week thrown in for good measure.
Exercise - Targeting fat loss, toning and general strength and fitness. In London personal training sessions on average cost £50 or £60 an hour, with some places charging a higher premium but for many the expense is motivation in itself. I would highly recommend The Fitting Rooms to anybody that wants to tone, build strength, and generally make their workouts interesting again, no matter what your level of fitness is.

The Hidden Gym personal trainers, just off Tooley street, can offer you a sense of wellbeing that you have never experienced before, in the Tooley Street area. We want to take you on a strength and fitness journey that will challenge you and help you attain your goals, whether those are to be stronger, lose weight, or simply to improve your general, health, fitness and well-being.
I still have fat loss goals and weight training goals to achieve but I know that I will achieve them. All GYMBOX Personal Trainers must hold a REPS (Register of Exercise Professionals) level 3 qualification or equivalent - the required national standard. Recently quoted as being one of the best gyms in London , the Commando Temple Gym is a world-class facility , readily accessible from Greenwich, Deptford and London Bridge railway stations.

Try our London Bridge gym for free with our 3-Day Guest Pass. Get introduced to the gym space and equipment with inductions, reach your Personal trainer London Bridge individual goals with programmes, develop a specific skill with specialised training and get one-to-one focus with personal training.
We can design expert training programmes and motivate you to train, but we can make no guarantee that individuals who join our gym will achieve the same results. Our personal trainers show you the benefits of making fitness personal, and every movement the best it can be.
Once matched with a trainer, they examine your fitness history and create tailor made sessions to help you to make improvements you never thought possible. From an early morning workout on the weights bench, a heart-pumping Spin class on your lunch break or a late night PT session, DW London Bridge gives you the choice to plan your fitness routine around your schedule.

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