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Funeral Homes In Barcelona

For residents over the age limit to access the previously described plan with monthly payments, this might be the only insurance option available. This insurance has the same benefits and also the insured capital is increased yearly. If less funds are used for the funeral or if the person passes away in another country and the funeral takes place elsewhere, the heirs can claim the rest of the capital. There are seven state cemeteries in Valencia city and more in the surrounding areas.
The space run by the Mémora funeral home group has been equipped with air conditioning to preserve the dead as public cemeteries and crematoria struggle to keep up with the demand. Jordi Fernández’s 16-year-career as a mortician didn’t prepare him for the hundreds of bodies that are streaming into the Barcelona funeral home where he works. Previously known as the South-West cemetery, Montjuïc was inaugurated on March the 17th 1883, following a project by the architect Leandro Albareda. By clicking subscribe, I agree to receive news updates and promotional material from Mediacorp and Mediacorp's partners. He recalled this year's darkest weeks, when the company went from picking up 50 corpses a day to nearly 200.

We have no lockdowns, but we currently have a very large spread of infection in the country at the same time as we increase the number of guests at funerals from 50 to 300. Which is very doubtful when the spread of infection is at its highest.
In Montenegro, thousands of people attended the funeral of the country's leading religious figure, Archbishop Amfilohije Radovic, who died with coronavirus on Friday, aged 82. Staff at funeral homes in Spain have gone on strike to demand more workers as coronavirus deaths continue to rise. After successfully bringing the daily death count down from over 900 in March to single digits by July, Spain has seen a steady uptick that brought deaths back to over 200 a day this month. Now, however, Gómez said many Spaniards seem to have become numbed by the resurgence of the virus after a summer reprieve that led authorities to claim the worst was over.

Whether you and/or any family members have been in contact with Spanish or Andorran authorities. To learn more about repatriation, funerals, applicable laws, expat rights, inheritance tax, and other end of life issues, contact your local consulate and/or a law firm. The cost of repatriation depends on the type of service, its requirements and its destination, as the required documentation varies from case to case. Companies like Mémora are well-versed in local law and international treaties, maintain relationships with consulates as well as immigrant associations, and can brief grieving families on what to expect. Antonio also recommends checking to confirm whether or not the person who died had private insurance, and if so, says to contact the insurance company immediately to confirm what funeral and possibly transport expenses are covered.
Even until recently, she was already making plans to go back to Mexico City, another one of her favorite destinations. We would like to offer our sincere support to anyone coping with grief. Enter your email below for our complimentary daily grief messages. Then, 150 pupils of a high school from Llinars del Vallès placed one candle for each of the 150 victims on the steps of the altar. A group of 16 German students had been on an exchange week in the high school before taking the Germanwings flight back home.
The family may choose to have the name of their loved one carved into a wooden plaque where the ashes are laid to rest and will also receive GPS coordinates of the tomb’s location. A last will and testament and a living will can be created online via services such as Testamenta—essentially, a Spanish version of LegalZoom—but a potential issue for expats is the language barrier in the face of so much legalese.

For funeral homes, crematoria and cemeteries the number of persons is still limited to 30. A statement from the funeral home detailing the content of the urn. Death certificate issued by the local authorities and Spanish death certificate .
Spain has recorded more than 1.1 million cases and 35,800 deaths since the outbreak began, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. Europe is grappling with a second wave as cases and deaths continue to rise. Modifications to be made to by-laws on Funeral Services and Cemeteries are aimed at ensuring the right of minority religious communities to the concession of sites in municipal cemeteries, which will always be managed by City Council. The modifications also look to keep ashes and urns in cemeteries, helping fulfil their role as centres for mourning and preventing contamination in iconic spots in the city, as well as updating the framework for cemetery concessions and more. Here you can find the centre, room, date and time of your deceased loved one's funeral. Promoting initiatives like this one, the Roques Blanques cemetery consolidates as referent in Spain related to alternatives of sustainable management of ashes.

The rate of new infections is increasing a lot (25.595 new cases on last Saturday). The daily number of hospital admissions is also increasing and the authorities are concerned that the health system could collapse within a few weeks. We have the same general restrictions with funeral ceremonies up to 200 participants, but private gatherings is restricted to 50 people, even only 20 in some municipalities. Strict restrictions have been put in place for the month of November by the federal government for all counties. Number of Covid infected is increasing rapidly (19,000+ on 31.10.2020) and restrictions are to keep capacity of health facilities under control.
Restrictions/lockdown based on severity in region, whereby 80% account for yellow or red, i.e. only 20% medium throughout the country. In reality, it is a white parallelpiped, with clean edges, only interrupted by the large windows with panoramic views across the city of Barcelona and the side openings that light up the vertical circulations. Spain has so far confirmed 430 cases of the virus – 60 of which originated among people who attended a funeral service in the Basque city of Vitoria-Gasteiz, according to Spain’s National Microbiology Centre. Interfunerarias has the main funeral instalation in Madrid to offer ongoing bereavement support and are contactable 24 hours a day and the best funeral services in Madrid, to ensure you are taken care of every step of the way. Our main aim is to honour and respect your loved one by giving them the best possible send off. Interfunerarias is one of the main funeral companies in Barcelona.
Anyone now wishing to place urns in the municipality’s cemetery must apply for permission or face a fine of up to €15,000. “There is no economic difference at the outset, although in the long run burials can be more expensive when you have to renew the lease on a grave,” a spokesperson from the San José cemetery in Granada. The association expects this number will continue to rise and is funerarias barcelona predicting six out of every 10 funerals in Spain will be cremations in 2026. That figure is already 70% in bigger cities while some €800 million has been spent on cremation furnaces in the last decade. The demand for cremations was so great in Barcelona that even with all four of the city’s ovens operating 24/7, officials considered the option of placing the dead in temporary plots.

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