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Find Gutter Cleaning Services In British Columbia

We believe in good honest work and guarantee 100% satisfaction. ShieldX is dedicated to helping our customers not get scammed by big or small roofing companies, by helping them understand how roofing warranties work and the importance of good quality materials.
Our team of friendly, uniformed cleaners have undergone background checks and have been extensively trained to provide the highest quality service. We hired Universal Labour Co. to wash our windows this year, and are very pleased with his work & his positive attitude. I know I will rehire this company to do our windows for the rest of the time we live in this house. On our Window and Gutter Cleaning pages you will find a very easy way for you to estimate what it will cost to have the windows and gutters of your home cleaned. Cleaning out the inside of gutters/eavestroughs and downspouts and remove all moss on roofs of buildings according to the list above. Quality of Service - Check out the quality of work that the company is planning to undertake.

I would use their services again and recommend them to others, for sure. Our services include window cleaning, gutter cleaning and new this year, high level interior and exterior vacuum cleaning. We can reach up to 50 feet with our vacuum system allowing us to get those hard to reach places. Roof Tile Cleaning - If you are looking to save money on roof repair later on, then you may want to hire a company for commercial roof cleaning services.
Tartan Window Cleaning is a family company and you may meet Jeff’s son, Dylan and Taffy the dog on the job. We hired Ben for gutter cleaning services and would say that he did an excellent job. A professional who knows his work and is diligent in providing the best service possible. We will definitely use him again and recommend him very strongly. Additionally will be using him for window cleaning services as well this coming spring. Windows are included in a building soft-touch cleaning which includes window frames, trim, and building siding. We then follow up with a brush or pad to rub the glass to remove stubborn marks, and rinse down with clean water.
This is because that is where the most shade and moisture is. The roof algae feed on crushed limestone that is in the shingle. Every time it rains, the water pulls at that algae dragging it down the roof leaving behind a grimy, greasy, black streak. Once the lichen land on your roof shingles it will never go away unless it is treated.

Our company provides the highest standards in power and pressure washing services on Vancouver island. We are centrally located in Duncan and Chemainus to meet your needs. Come to us and use our new “while you wait” truck bay wash or we can come to you, either way you can expect the same great service.
Gutter cleaners use a gutter vacuum, hand brush or pressure washer to clean the gutters, so water can flow through freely. Cleanliness - Find out what the cleaners do with the debris of the gutter after taking them out from the gutters. Some gutter cleaning companies may simply throw the debris on the ground which will Roof Demossing Nanaimo create a mess. Make sure that the company you hire puts all debris in a bag and composts where appropriate. Gutter Repair - Gutter cleaners can also provide some basic gutter repair services. They will install new sealant where necessary and provide clipping services for any gutters that are not securely fastened.

Your building will look better and increase in value when it is kept tidy and the roof is protected by this service. When cleaning your roof, the firm will get rid of any dirt, lichen, moss or algae and this service can be performed very quickly to minimize any inconvenience. Post construction cleans are the most challenging part of window washing. Not only that but they have become even more challenging in the last few years with the emergence of fabricating debris on tempered and heat treated glass due to a lack of quality control. This debris can become dislodged when the window washer's best friend, a scraper, come into contact with it, scraping across your expensive glass. It takes a careful and well informed professional to take the time and care required to properly clean this glass without damage. Even with the utmost in care and knowledge, fabricating debris can still sometimes be dislodged and cause scrapes across this defective glass.
We will inspect the roof, take photos, and asses the job from top to bottom. Proprietary System - We remove the moss with our time tested proprietary system, and guarantee that we will restore your sickly shingles to their once infant pristine proper condition. ​We care about cleanliness, and guarantee we will take care of you. We will Demoss, and remove any ugly dark streaks from your roof with our highly effective all natural green cleaners. Cleaning or maintenance will be arranged with you at a time that suits your schedule, not ours. We can also help you save energy and add beauty to your home by installing Energy Star™ certified windows. High Quality Service - We pride ourselves on our level of service.

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