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Of all the different types of travel that I have done, one type of experience remains consistently at the top of my list: bed and breakfasts. Already in 2015, 40 percent of young Internet users in France stated to use YouTube everyday or almost daily As of 2019, a survey shows that 20 percent of French respondents used YouTube daily, an increase of four percentage points since 2018 According to Médiamétrie's estimates of social media usages among French, 70 percent of the time spent watching YouTube videos was on a mobile device.
Most videos come with French and English subtitles. Benjamin, who currently lives in the UK, thinks the same thing is probably true for YouTubers there, and has experienced people who look down on or don't consider other internet-based jobs, like blogging, as a legitimate, respectable career.

The French subtitles and slow pace make her channel a must-watch for intermediate French learners who want to discover Canadian French and learn about life in Canada. Chalk it up to the beauty of the internet: French YouTube megastars like Cyprien want people around the world to be able to understand, like”, and subscribe.
ROME GUIDE BOOK with video an in-depth series of walking tours in Rome. The French subtitles and slow pace make Français Authentique the ideal YouTube channel for intermediate French learners. Yoann frequently talks about differences between France and the US and offers English subtitles which makes him a great Youtuber to follow if you live in France as an expat or simply want to learn more about French culture.

Travel videos about Canada. Both of these French Internet comedian rivals (who are also friends) tend to overlap on the same topics, but each makes their videos distinct with their unique and creative outlooks. A must-subscribe YouTube channel for bookworms and an excellent way to find your next great French read.
The French subtitles make Hangover Cuisine one of the easiest French cooking YouTube channels to follow. The zoo video remains the only video on Karim's YouTube channel, though a message posted with it says, "update video as soon as 10M subscriberz!" If that's in fact Karim's plan, he doesn't have to rush.

I try to do production, to mix and to propose to record to my set, I try to make some funny videos sometimes with my MPC. Like we just said, YouTube is an incredible gift to language learners But it can get annoying to pause a video and run to your dictionary every time there's a word or phrase you don't understand.
Dozens of other tourists were also taking a noon-time walk and were snapping pictures of their friends and families against the backdrop of the mighty Niagara Falls. Amid the coronavirus propagation in France, the City of Paris has unveiled new measures to fight against the pandemic.

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