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Download Youtube Video Mac VLC

It also enables you to download a YouTube video on your computer, be it Mac, PC, or laptop. Keepvid is one of the most popular online video downloader that allows you to download YouTube videos on a computer by inserting the video link into the address bar. You will like it if downloading YouTube videos in different formats and quality is what you need. Besides, it also serves the function of an audio converter that will extract music or other audio files from a YouTube video for you. When the conversion completes, you will be able to freely import the converted YouTube videos to your media player or mobile devices for unlimited playback. With it, you could download online videos from YouTube, Facebook, Veoh, VEVO, and 1000+ other video sharing sites. It offers you the most comprehensive online video enjoyment solutions.
We’d like to highlight that from time to time, we may miss a potentially malicious software program. To continue promising you a malware-free catalog of programs and apps, our team has integrated a Report Software feature in every catalog page that loops your feedback back to us. at I just didn't feel like waiting anymore.

Pick the file from the resulting dialog box to display your captions/subtitles. To switch between languages, go to Subtitles Track and select the preferred option. If you still can’t view your subtitles, check the procedure at the end of this article. There are two ways of adding captions and subtitles to videos and movies in VLC Media Player. You can either embed captions into the video file itself or open a sidecar captions file alongside your video file. In fact, choosing the right method depends on your goal.
Supply the name of the new video file as well. Transfer to Devices – directly convert videos to presets for mobile device models and then transfer to mobile devices with a USB cable. Convert 150+ Formats – convert MP4, MOV, MKV, VOB and 150+ standard or HD video formats, as well as MP3, AAC and other audio formats. Click the "Choose" button and then select the "Save As" option. Add a name to the file and choose the location where it will be saved. Click the "Finish" button and the transcoding will begin.

Right-click the video as it plays and select Save Video As. There are some instances you might experience errors in streaming YouTube with VLC. If you have encountered problems like videos from YouTube are not working through VLC and some videos are crashing.
You can put videos there and take them down when you wish. The Share button gives you the URL textbox as seen below; you can use this link to link to the video. Clicking on Embed gives you the textbox containing the code for embedding the video in your own web page.
Recently, I was asked by my husband if there was a way to download YouTube videos to his computer to watch later on. I was up to the challenge, so I started doing some searching and found this WikiHow article that how to download youtube video mac has 3 ways to Download YouTube Videos. The VLC player is an open-source project that has been around for years and I’ve used it in the past. From time to time, I want to download a YouTube video to my computer.

Choose the Preferences Dialog Box to choose in the VLC Menu, under Record Directory; there is an option to select and save the desired location for generated files. Cognizance of saved locations is necessary because of easy identification for future purposes. So, these were three basic ways to download subtitles from YouTube. None of them are, of course, ideal as they implement a work-around feature of sorts that isn’t provided by the YouTube creators. But they are definitely helpful to those users who want to save subtitles for offline use. Watch a movie without sound, read the translation directly from the screen and train your pronunciation of other languages ​​with subtitles – goals could be different. Also, don’t forget that commercial use and distribution of videos may be a violation in your country.
VideoProc will analyze video info in a few seconds. Select subtitle language and click Done to download a video. To change the language, click the corresponding box below. Next to it is the Interval section, allowing to get subtitles for a specific time frame in a video. Please note that for one download you can only set one interval. Before you try to download YouTube subtitles, make sure they are available. To do this, check if the “CC” button is available at the bottom under a video.

If downloading for playback on a specific device or program, check the user manual for supported file types. For general playback on a PC, choose the "Video - WMV + WMA" preset, as this is supported on Windows Media Player.
Identify the output folder to save your download video file. The Wondershare video converter ultimate folder is selected by default but you can also choose folder of your own choice for saving downloaded file. When the YouTube video is saved to MP4, users can play it on their phone or another device because MP4 is extensively used, much more so than FLV. A file with the MP4 file extension is an abbreviation for a MPEG-4 Video file, which is a compressed file format that can contain not only video but also audio and subtitles. Copy Downloaded Videos to VLC in iPhone without PC / MAC easily Download “ Documents “ app from AppStore and follow along. It turns out, it also has the ability to download YouTube videos, albeit in a convoluted way.

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