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A court in Beijing opened an account using the app, though which litigants can chat with judges and get updates on their cases, and reports of broken court orders can be made. In early 2019, Tencent announced the launch of a Siri/Alexa-like voice assistant named ‘Xiaowei’, which will help app users access functions and services.
The whole process took approximately 2 weeks from first posting to final offer. JobTube is a WeChat group, that offers a way for recruiters, and job searchers to get in touch over the WeChat platform. This platform allows group members to share job descriptions and resumes, for specific fields or regions e.g. “Shanghai 微信群 Jobs Group”, or “Banking and Finance Jobs in Shanghai”. Begin researching application procedures to make sure you are aware of all dates & requirements. It is always better to start early, rather than late – I would highly recommend using an Excel file to stay organized and not miss any important dates.

This allows users to access various public services under the aegis of the app. This includes paying transportation charges, accessing healthcare, and paying bills. A solid proportion of users of WeChat official accounts report being able to cut costs through their usage of the platform, as opposed to using propriety apps.
We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. Please also read our Privacy Notice and Terms of Use, which became effective December 20, 2019. The app also has been known to be a major vehicle for Chinese state propaganda.
Didi’s aren’t official taxis, but are usually very efficient, and you can also give them a rating at the end of the service. After making your choice, choose the starting point and destination along with the date and make a search. Choose the ticket you’re interested in and go on to purchase by entering your personal data. Oppositely, withdrawing an amount, the sum you want will be transferred from your WeChat wallet to the bank account you have connected to WeChat. Recharging an amount, you’ll choose the amount you want from the bank account you have connected with the card tied to WeChat, and end up in your WeChat wallet. To pay with WeChat all you have to do is scan the QR code (“+” “scan QR”). At this point your WeChat will recognize that this is a code for payment and ask you what amount of money to send and to that contact.

Make a targeted and a strategically selected list of potential companies in your field of choice. More is not always better – it is better to apply to 10 companies with a great application, than 100 with a good application. Hence, I would like to share my experience and some tips on landing a summer internship at a top Chinese investment bank. In particular, how I leveraged social media platforms such as LinkedIn and WeChat (Chinese messaging/social media platform) to accomplish this, and become the first foreign intern in company history. Use Chinese Group Buy (basically Groupon.) It’s all right here inside WeChat, which is especially nice if you’re a foreigner and don’t know about these other Chinese apps. When you’re looking for your friends you can send your location directly in WeChat.
Then you can add us there, and this is where we can add you to Wechat groups. If you are requesting to pay us quickly by Wechat at an event we are hosting or other need to send us Wechat money to our official Chinese company account use this QR code. The discoveries illuminates how China’s government attempts to keep its citizens blind to the scope of its censorship regime. China’s WeChat originated as a WhatsApp clone, but later evolved into the single-most important tool for connecting people in China. Yet it’s never been clear exactly how China’s internet censors have attempted to control information that spreads in the app. That’s partly because you likely wouldn’t know if you got censored in the first place. On the down side, QQ continues to be targeted primarily at the Chinese market and, from time to time, you may find yourself linking through to Chinese-only web pages or apps.

In all, mobile payments transactions over 2017 were worth $16 trillion . A new feature introduced in early 2019 essentially creates a new home screen within the WeChat app – which will bring mini programs increasingly to the fore. It has been speculated that will be problematic for Apple in particular, with Chinese users becoming more reliant on the WeChat ecosystem at the expense of Apple’s suite of services.
You can use the online QR Code Generator Scanova to create one. WeChat also uses a QR Code to allow users to download their app. 90% of the population in China has linked their bank accounts to WeChat. Scan the QR Code either from your friends phone or the image shared by him . He will directly be added to your account and you can start texting immediately.
Moreover, some features — such as the ability to see other users' Q-zones and their profile pages — appear and disappear with each new upgrade of QQ International. To sign up for a WeChat account, you can use a phone number. WeChat Payment is taking over in China, and cash is almost obsolete as people use WeChat to pay for anything including restaurants, shops, bike shares, taxis, and street food. Using the WeChat Pay function, you can either scan a QR code and pay a vendor or have them scan your QR code to collect money. WeChat pay can be used almost anywhere you pay for something, as long as you have your phone, a signal and money in your WeChat wallet or on your bank card, you are ready to scan and pay with ease.

This way, you can see where you are making the biggest impact in terms of customers. Setting up a WeChat account is a great tool for any business that wants to enter the Chinese market and win new customers. An enterprise account helps businesses with their internal communication and office efficiency.
Once you invite a few key players then they can invite the people they know to join the group and it can grow quickly. When I started a group focused on digital marketing in Shenzhen it hit 120 members within 24 hours. Once you’ve met some people and have your own list of contacts, people will start inviting you to WeChat groups, or you can ask your friends for recommendations as to what groups you should join. This is key, because there is no feature to search for groups on WeChat, and you’ll be hard pressed to find a list of “Best WeChat Groups to Join” anywhere on Google. WeChat accounts feature menus that allow users to click to view articles, WeChat pages or external webpages.

China authorities issued new regulations on the country’s instant messaging group chats on Thursday, requiring group chat owners to take full responsibility for the management of the groups. Get expert social media advice delivered straight to your inbox. The runkeeper companion app offered custom eight-week training programs for participants, performance monitors, news updates, unlockable rewards, and more.

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