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Bubble Tea In Japan

As a big fan of bubble tea, I was quite surprised when I learned that bubble tea in Japanese is called tapioca juice” (タピオカジュース). It took a while for the tapioca milk tea craze to make it's way to Japan, but it's here now, as evidenced by Tokyo's tapioca タピオカ おすすめ dessert ramen restaurant and Tapioca Land entertainment center Tapioca has gotten so popular that high school girls have even created a new word, tapiru, which means to go out to drink tapioca milk tea, often while snapping selfies, of course.
The processing procedure of Oolong tea is rather long and broad when compared to white and green teas and helps to eliminate the harsh irritants from the raw tea and also creates the subtle fragrances and flavors which distinguish Oolong tea from all the other types.

It is perhaps a generalisation, but when we think of tea drinking rituals, it is the Chinese and Japanese tea ceremonies that immediately spring to mind: formality, silence, connections to nature, tea as a gift, a way of offering thanks or apologies to a relative.
Actually, royal milk tea is a Japanese-English word and (of course) this name does not exist in the UK. The tea company Lipton in Japan invented this product in 1965 as part of their royal” recipe series ( source ). Compared to a typical milk tea, the ratio for milk is much higher so it balances semi-bitter taste of strong tea with the creamy richness of milk.
Bubble Tea, also known as pearl milk tea, boba milk tea, tapioca tea. It seems there's a bubble tea shop at every corner in Japan these days. At this Harajuku location you can choose from 30 drinks on the menu, including milk tea, fruit tea and smoothies, or customise your own.

Its signature drink is bubble tea with milk and cheese foam topping. This tea drink offers earthy and roasted flavors thanks to the presence of black tea leaves. The raw green tea leaves turn black after being piled up for fermentation. Matcha and maccha tea are common elements in customary Japanese tea ceremonies, and are usually kept in most Japanese households.
Milk tea is a popular beverage from China to Great Britain. Bubble tea and ramen lovers in Malaysia can now come together in Sabah and try out a Japanese concept cafe's attempt at a crossover between sweet and savoury food. As an alternative to drinking tea to clear themselves of any ailments, our ancestors began to grind up the leaves and than boil them with various foods, such as ginger, milk, and rice.

Green Tapioca Pearls - A little green tea is added to tapioca pearls, making these chewier than regular pearls. The trade promotion group said TAITRA is planning to hold an international forum next year to show that Taiwan is the home of bubble milk tea, while more delegations will be organized to visit the United States and Canada.
Blood sample analysis found that the production of anti-bacterial proteins was up to five times higher in the tea-drinkers, an indicator of a stronger immune response. Suntory's Premium Morning Tea (milk tea), according to CNET , is a direct follow up to its lemon tea-flavored water product released earlier in April.
Even the Taiwanese gua bao ,” also known as pork belly bun, is reinvented as a western pastry with Japanese meat filling that's sold exclusively in Japan. Chatime is one of the largest bubble tea franchises in the world. KOI Thé is one of the newer additions to the bubble tea scene in Tokyo and is quickly becoming one of the most popular options available.

Newer variations include "Snow Ice" (a sort of powdered-coffee-based, frozen-and-blended drink), cream-based drinks, and fruit-based drinks that are made without any actual tea. Japanese tea ceremonies are very formal, and the ceremony is almost a spiritual event as much as a social gathering.

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