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If you are searching for the international standard truck trailer dimensions, you will not find anything because different countries have their own standard truck trailer dimensions. Volvo currently produces both the Volvo and Mack class 8 trucks in plants located in Dublin, VA and Macungie, PA. The Powertrain operation of Volvo currently manufactures both engines and transmissions at a facility located in Hagerstown, MD. This facility manufactures these parts for exclusive use in the North American market.
Commercial vehicles were eventually produced for the Ford truck line in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, the Galvanised trailer Netherlands, the Philippines, Spain, Turkey, the UK and the United States, although this manufacturing maneuver did not last long.

For instance, Doug Gould has set the record on two occasions at Kalgoorlie, Western Australia: first, in 2000, with a 79-trailer road train weighing 1,072.3 tonnes and measuring 1,018.2 metres; the second time, in 2004, he had 117 trailers and the road train drove 1,500 metres down the road after a replacement was brought in for the first tractor unit, which suffered a broken driveshaft.
We offer the best range of trailers for sale in Sydney and trailer parts in Sydney. There are strict laws about the types of trailers used on our roads and the towing vehicle. It will even give you the history of both the company that manufactures the truck and previous history of the models you're looking at. It will also tell you if there have been any callbacks in recent years.

Even though our box trailers are made in Australia ,we are very competitive with our prices. Our product range includes: Trailers, Off-road Motorbikes and Mobility Scooters. International Trucks Role in World War II - World War II brought a request by the federal government for International to build all wheel drive trucks for the military.
If you are a truck owner who uses his vehicles in for transportation of goods and services, then you must know that having custom truck bodies often saves goods from damage and breakage. Best price and high quality custom box trailers for all your transporting needs.

Economy Trailers, build all box trailers with zinc sheet and galvanized steel so you have the confidence of knowing that your trailer body is protected from the elements. These small box trailers are for you. Century Trailers is very proud to show the world International Trailer Sales Network.
From trip number one to trip one thousand, every trip will go smoothly with our range of tandem trailers. ATA Trailers produce a broad range of standard box trailers, tandems, machinery, plant and enclosed trailers. All our trailers are hot-dip galvanised and fully welded to meet the highest quality standard.
The T470 and T440 models bridge the gap between heavy-duty and medium-duty trucks. In the 1930s, Volvo came out with their first truck with three axles, which was called the LV64 LF. It was made to comply with the rules then that only allowed smaller loads on each axle due to the fact the roads in the 30s were pretty terrible.

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