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Bail Bonds In Atlanta, GA

I'm sure you've had to bail someone out of jail in your lifetime, or at least you know someone who has. The court holds that after a Final Judgment has been entered against the surety in a Bond Forfeiture Hearing and the Judgment has been satisfied by the payment of funds, the surety has no standing either in law or equity to reclaim any portion of the funds paid over to satisfy the Judgment.
Turn to us for fast, secured, and highly professional bonding services that you can always rely on. We have been serving the community for years now, thus making us one of the most trusted bail bonding companies in Atlanta, GA. Call us anytime and tell us how we may help you, so our experienced bondsman can assist you with your bail bond needs as soon as possible.

Sureties on criminal bonds in any court shall not charge or receive more than 12 percent of the principal number of bonds set in the amount of $10,000.00 or less and shall not charge or receive more than 15 percent of the principal number of bonds set in an amount more than $10,000.00 as compensation from defendants or from anyone acting for defendants.
When the bail amount is confirmed, a bail bond agent is sent to post the bond at the local jail. Bonds can be posted by cash, by property, or by using an approved bonding company, which gets paid a fee for bonding out the person. Based on the info you provide, we connect you with bail bonds lending partners.

Red Eye Bail Bonds knows that when you receive an unfortunate call from a friend or loved one informing you that they have been arrested and placed into custody, Bail Bonds Atlanta you need results and you need them now. For speed and assistance, you want the bail bondsman who knows the laws and can walk you through the process painlessly.
At a time like this, what you really need is a concerned professional bondsman who can help you navigate the judicial system and get your love one back to your side ASAP. Oftentimes, a Fulton County bail bonds agency will get phone calls from people who have friends, relatives, spouses, girlfriends, boyfriends, etc.

On county holidays, first appearance hearings are held at the Fulton County jail at a time set by the judge holding the hearing. By a Consent Order, the penal sum of the bond was paid into the registry of the Superior Court pending resolution of the appeals process.
Some of the historians are of the view that this type of security system was popular in ancient Iraq where people used their sheep as their surety to get out of jail and appear in the courts for further proceedings. Our bail bonding company can walk you through every step necessary to bring your loved one home.
Our friendly and highly knowledgeable Bail Bonding Agents are readily available to help describe to you the steps associated with Posting Bail and talk about any associated issues with you, entirely free of charge. However, a DUI exception currently exists for getting an immediate bond set, if you face criminal charges for an Atlanta DUI.

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