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Asturias Travel Guide

Which direction should you travel by train in? This incredible part of northern Spain is as amazing as everyone told me it would be. From the bright green mountains with free range cattle grazing, to the tiny mountain towns with some of the best home cooked stews you'll ever try, and the brightly colored seaside fishing villages where you'd be a fool not to order one of everything on the menu… Asturias really does have it all.
It's hard to listen to Mario and not to picture a group of weathered and honest Asturian farmers from simpler days passing around a bottle, with one glass between them, in a rustic sidrería, its floor covered in sawdust to absorb the falling drops; or else imagine them out in the fields at one of the local fiestas that still take place in villages all across Asturias during summer, celebrating friendship, the land and life itself.

It is as if it did not belong to this world, as if it did not exist … Oviedo is like a fairy-tale.” I probably wouldn't go quite that far to be honest, restaurante however it is an undeniably good looking place that exudes a sleepy charm spiced up a bit by some boisterous drinking and singing in the local bars.

NH Principado, San Francisco, 6, +34.98.5217792 4 Located in the historical and commercial centre of the city, a few meters from the Cathedral, of gothic style, the Campoamor Theatre, the entrance scene of for the prizes for Prince of Asturias and infront of the Historical Building of the University of Oviedo.
Whether visiting for summer holidays, to meet Rosana's family and friends or to attend weddings, I've been to Asturias quite a few times now and it never fails to inspire me with its impossibly green mountains, pristine beaches, idyllic coastal cities and hearty cuisine.

As you might imagine of a fishing village, El Pito is not packed with things to do, besides admiring the freshly-painted houses, their eaves hanging with the drying skins of dogfish, or watching the local cats take in the sun, or enjoying a coffee at one of the many bars and restaurants on the square - but for taking it easy for an afternoon there could hardly be a finer place.
You are then treated to a short guided tour of the city ( the cathedral, with its magnificent stained glass windows, the Romanesque facade of San Isidro with storks nesting above it.) Once on the train you travel up the Torio Valley to Mattallana, at the base of the mountains.
One fun and original thing I did in Oviedo was a theatrical tour by a company called Peregrinando Oviedo Our guide was dressed in full medieval traveller's garb and delivered the tour in the role of a holy pilgrim from these times, regaling us with stories of her journey and expressing her joy at arriving at Oviedo's Cathedral of the Holy Saviour And whilst Oviedo isn't on the traditional Camino del Norte route, they say that he who neglects to pay a visit to this sacred city in their haste to get to Santiago visits the servant (St.

SERIDA research is mainly directed at the selection and genetic and nutritional enhancement of the regional primary sector, forestry, agricultural, livestock and fisheries, and the identification, treatment and prevention of illness in domestic species and interaction with local wild species.
We have Michelin stars, ‘Guisanderas' (defenders of traditional recipes), marks of quality such as "Mesas de Asturias" or "Sidrerías de Asturias", shop-bars, chigres (traditional places where cider is sold, village bars, taverns, inns), gastropubs and a growing fusion cuisine and travelling cuisine.

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